History & Future


MotorEasy was founded on a pioneering principle that persists today.


light bulb

The idea of MotorEasy was created, with the aim for it to be an all encompassing car ownership brand.


The brand and domain name was established as ‘MotorEasy’.


MotorEasy launched as a packaged product combining Car Servicing, MOTs, Warranty and Breakdown for a monthly fee. In addition to this, it secured its first promotional partnership with Barclaycard and Castrol.


Telegraph MotorEasy was launched and promoted as a Telegraph reader offer, in paper and online.

MotorEasy literature is distributed at the till in over 150 Halfords stores nationwide.


Daily Mail partners with MotorEasy, quickly followed by its This is Money brand.


The brands first TV campaign is promoted across the Nations screens.


MotorEasy reverts to a car warranty and service plan product.


Breakdown Insurance is added to the product suite for customers to purchase again.


MotorEasy plans a brand relaunch with a new digital garage in the coming years.



MotorEasy is rebranded with a modern logo and strapline of ‘Everything car, done for you’. MotorEasy extended business partnerships including the relaunch of Halfords, Parkers, Honest John and GoCompare.


The MotorEasy digital garage is launched as a free platform for vehicle owners to manage, protect and maintain their vehicles in one garage allowing them to purchase new products from MotorEasy and its partners.


Whatcar SponsorShip

MotorEasy sponsors the What Car? Car of the Year Awards for the first time, the leading event in the car industry with many manufacturers.


MotorEasy signed a contract for a new partnership with Carwow and Tempcover.


  • In so many ways, MotorEasy has a ringside seat on the dynamic and seismic shifts impacting the automotive industry. With every car uploaded and managed via our platform, we've witnessed the trend towards electric vehicles and the new technologies shaping people's relationship with cars.

    Every Month we prod a monthly index of car reliability, detailing the costs and frequency of car repairs passing through our workshops. Our data gives us near real-time insights on every major make and model available in the UK today, the real cost of ownership, the real index of brand loyalty and trust.
  • Our data also gives us a unique insight into the psychology of car owners. How often they service their vehicle, how often they switch cars, when they'll need a new set of tyres, brake pads or wipers.

    As MotorEasy evolves in tandem with the automotive industry, we're a new breed of CarTech business, one focused on data. More than that we're a data-company connected to real people whatever they choose to drive. A company focused on customer service, responsively and dynamically adjusting to changing needs.

    As we look ahead at our product roadmap, we see MotorEasy and our products as a more personalised force. One that is tailored to driver needs, delivering premium and standard services to offer choice, value and trusted products.