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Mini GAP Insurance

The inimitable Mini is among British motoring’s greatest successes. From its heyday in the swinging 60s to the smart, comprehensively modernised iterations we see today, the Mini’s cheeky looks and street cred have made it one of British design’s most enduring icons.

When it first emerged in the early 60s the Austin Mini was widely admired for its innovative design, specifically its space-saving transverse engine front-wheel drive layout, which meant that for the first time 80% of the car’s floorspace could be dedicated to passengers and luggage, making this aptly named little car surprisingly spacious.

The rest is history – the Mini became a fashion icon, making memorable cameos in films like The Italian Job and Magical Mystery Tour and taking centre stage as Britain’s cool counter culture charmed the world.


Why do I need Mini GAP insurance?

Love your Mini? Want to ensure it's thoroughly protected? You may be disappointed to find that your existing policy doesn’t provide the level of cover you imagined. In fact, most insurance policies will be found wanting in the event of a write-off, which is why MotorEasy GAP Insurance makes sense.

GAP Insurance covers the difference between the amount your standard insurance policy pays out and the amount you’d need to buy a new like-for-like replacement. In other words, it’s great way to ensure you’re properly covered. 

GAP insurance Why do most standard insurance policies come up short in the event of a write off? The short answer is depreciation. Depreciation begins to diminish the value of your car the moment you drive it off the showroom forecourt. Within three years most cars have dropped in value by 60%.


What do I get with MotorEasy?

Because most standard policies pay out the current value of a car in the event of a write-off or theft, there’s a very good chance a payout will be significantly less than the value of the car at inception. In other words, it’s unlikely to be enough to fund a new like-for-like replacement.

If you purchased a new Mini Countryman for £25,000, it may be worth £10,000 three years later (based on 60% depreciation). Consequently, your insurer may only offer a £10,000 payout in the event of a write-off, meaning you’d have to find another £15,000 to replace your car with the same model.

The case for GAP cover is even stronger if you’re paying for your car with a leasing arrangement or PCP financing, which could leave you exposed to considerable debt in the event of a write-off.   

Available for all cars up to 8 years old (or with up to 80,000 miles on the clock), MotorEasy GAP Insurance represents a smart, easy and affordable way to remove these risks and enjoy your Mini.


Car Theft

No one wants to contemplate the threat of a write-off, but statistics suggest that it’s a common enough occurrence to justify the extra level of protection GAP insurance offers. Indeed, more than half a million cars are written-off in the UK every year.

MotorEasy GAP insurance offers cover against more than just accidental damage. We also include cover against car theft, which accounts for a large number of write-offs every year. In fact, statistics show that the threat of car theft is on the rise. 112,174 motor vehicles were stolen in the UK in 2017/18, that’s the equivalent of 307 every day. Sadly, that figure also represents a significant increase on previous years and the continuation of a 50% upsurge in car theft over the last five years.


Getting your Mini GAP Insurance quote

Obtaining your MotorEasy Mini GAP Insurance quote couldn't be easier. Simply head to our GAP Insurance page for all the information you need and a convenient tool to help get you the estimate you're looking for.  

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