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Chevrolet GAP Insurance

When your Chevrolet faces a write-off, you'll find that your motor insurer's payout is based on their assessment of your car's worth at the time of the loss, often referred to as the 'Market Value.' But don't settle for a measly market valuation; choose MotorEasy Chevrolet GAP Insurance to take your protection to the next level.

GAP insurance acts as a financial safeguard, intended to compliment the amount offered by your motor insurer, resulting in substantially higher compensation. Your choice of GAP insurance can be the determining factor in receiving just your finance agreement payout, improving the initial invoice price you invested in your Chevrolet, or ensuring you have the resources to replace your vehicle with a brand-new model of the same make and model when you file a successful claim.

Don't leave the fate of your Chevrolet in the hands of standard motor  insurance policies. Elevate your protection with MotorEasy Chevrolet GAP Insurance, ensuring you're not only compensated fairly but even allowing you to enjoy a fresh start with a new Chevrolet if the unexpected happens.


Why do I need Chevrolet Gap Insurance?

Many Chevrolet owners discover that their standard insurance payout falls inadequately short in the event of a write-off, leaving them with a deterring financial gap when trying to secure a like-for-like replacement. The culprit behind this financial shortfall? Depreciation.

From the moment your Chevrolet rolls off the dealership floor, its market value takes a hit, and this trend continues at a hasty pace. In fact, three years down the road after purchasing a new car, it's not unusual to see its value shrink by a monstrous 60%. So, let's say you spent £50,000 on a Chevrolet Camaro – three years later, it might be worth just £20,000.

Now, consider how this impacts your insurance. Most standard policies pay out based on your car's current market value, not the primary purchase price when it was brand new. If you were to file a claim three years after buying your £50,000 Camaro, you could be facing a potential payout of only £20,000, leaving you to scrape together an extra £30,000 for a like-for-like replacement.

With MotorEasy Chevrolet Gap Insurance, you don't have to bear this financial burden. It's your ticket to receiving the full value you deserve, safeguarding your cherished Chevrolet, and confirming you're never left out of pocket. Don't settle for less when you can have the best protection for your Chevrolet. 


What do I get with MotorEasy?

The moment your Chevrolet leaves the dealership, its market value starts to dwindle. It only makes sense to shield your initial investment with a MotorEasy GAP insurance policy, preserving your vehicle's true worth.

If you're financing your Chevrolet through a lease or PCP arrangement, a write-off could leave you facing overwhelming debt. This is where our Chevrolet GAP Insurance becomes an absolute necessity.

Here's the good news: MotorEasy GAP Insurance is available for all Chevrolet models up to 8 years old (or with up to 70,000 miles on the odometer). It's the intelligent, convenient, and budget-friendly way to eliminate the risks associated with standard insurance policies. With MotorEasy, you can savor every moment with your Chevrolet, secure in the knowledge that it's comprehensively protected, and you're free from the financial uncertainties.


Car Theft

Why take chances when you can have the ultimate protection with MotorEasy Chevrolet Gap Insurance? Our coverage goes above and beyond, especially when it comes to safeguarding against car theft, and it's designed with you in mind.

Unfortunately, write-offs are far more common than you might imagine. In fact, over 500,000 cars meet this fate every year. Often, write-offs stem from accidental damage, but what sets MotorEasy GAP Insurance apart is that it also extends its protective shield to guard you against the ever-present threat of car theft, a significant contributor to write-offs each year.

Statistics speak volumes – in 2017/18, an overwhelming 112,174 motor vehicles were stolen in the UK. That's equivalent to 307 thefts every day. This figure represents a substantial increase compared to previous years and continues the disturbing trend of a 50% surge in car theft over the last five years.

In a world where car theft is on the rise, ensuring your comprehensive protection is not just smart – it's imperative. With MotorEasy Chevrolet Gap Insurance, you can enjoy every moment with your Chevrolet, knowing you're protected against the ever-growing threat of car theft. Don't leave anything to chance; choose the ultimate protection for your Chevrolet today.


Chevrolet GAP Insurance quote

Obtaining your MotorEasy Chevrolet Gap Insurance quote is very straightforward. Our dedicated GAP Insurance page offers you all the essential details and grants you rapid access to a user-friendly tool, delivering your MotorEasy GAP Insurance quote within seconds.