Connect and protect your car
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Make life easier with a fitC car warranty

The first plugin car warranty that can minimise the time, hassle and expense of catastrophic failure via your mobile.

Your industry leading car warranty provides the best combination of price and cover available anywhere and now it comes with a plugin for the ultimate in convenience, advice and protection.

Only a handful of Car Warranty companies are accredited with the Motor Ombudsman Code of Practice. Read more about our industry leading warranties

Reduce faults

Early warning notifications could prevent a third of breakdowns.

Faster repairs

Immediate diagnosis, meaning we’ll have you in and out in no time.

No big repair bills

Repair protection with the UK’s best car warranty cover.

What can the fitC
car warranty do for you?

  • Handy service, insurance & MOT reminders
  • Eliminate car repair costs
  • Free collection & delivery
  • Expert technicians to deal direct with the garage
  • We’ll know your location if you have an accident
  • We’ll find your car if it’s lost, stolen or broken down

All delivered through a handy app

fitC car warranty app features

  • Early repair warning
  • Vehicle health
  • Battery health
  • Service notifications
  • Driver behaviour
  • Car location

Early Repair Warning

Your very own crystal ball

The latest wireless technology allows MotorEasy engineers to monitor performance and predict problems and failures before they happen. Repairs required will be flagged and you will be directed to one of MotorEasy’s 10,000 garages nationwide.

Vehicle Health

Now you know that your car’s really performing!

Now we can both see if your car is performing at its optimum. Monitor your car’s well-being from any device and be confident that you are driving safely, efficiently and that nothing is going on that you need to be worried about. Your fitC and our experts will let you know as soon as your car needs a check or a repair.

Battery Health

Always at your fingertips

Early advice of reduced performance. No more freezing mornings when the car won’t start. Battery failure is a slow process that we often don’t see coming. The fitC lets us both see battery condition and flag-up the need for recharge or replacement with minimum inconvenience.

Service Notifications

Handy reminders that keep you efficient, insured and legal

Reminders before your car’s service is due and the option to book it into one of 10,000 nationwide MotorEasy approved service centres. We stand by your side, making and monitoring your booking, checking the work and ensuring best prices.

Driving Behaviour

Get the best out of your car and stay safe

Whether you want to monitor your driving standards or other family members, fitC lets you see how your car’s being driven, helping you check how to improve fuel economy and drive safer.

Car Location

Lost, stolen or simply broken down, we’ll find it

Forgotten where you parked, or has somebody driven it away, or has it let you down? We can tell you where it is or advise the relevant services where to look.

What does a fitC car warranty include?

fitC plugin device

Mobile app &
24/7 web portal

UK’s best car warranty

Get connected

Once your device arrives, it’s a matter of seconds before you can start learning more about your car:

1 Download the app

2 Register your fitC device

3 Plug fitC into your car’s OBDII port

Why rely on MotorEasy?

“The appeal of MotorEasy is clear and simple. It looks after all the tedious, day-to-day aspects of car ownership, leaving you free to enjoy driving.”

Paul Hudson, Telegraph Motoring Editor

“MotorEasy’s warranties are simple, straightforward and proper.”

Honest John