Money Saving Motoring: Save Fuel & Reduce Costs

save money on cars and motoring - fuel, efficiency and reliability

The cost of fuel always seems to go in one direction, up. Recently the rises have been at their steepest. Consequently, it's in everyone’s interest to take steps to cut the amount they spend on fuel. Here are some suggestions to make your car go further for less.


Money Saving Tip: Keep Your Car Running Efficiently & Reliably

The most important thing that you can do as a car owner and driver is to look after it.

That's where MotorEasy comes in as - you deal with our qualified engineers, who manage bookings through our UK network of over 10,000 garages. These vetted workshops offer well-equipped garages to ensure that your car runs as efficiently, reliably, and economically, as the manufacturer originally intended.

Having your car serviced annually ensures it's mechanical functioning is running smoothly, minor problems can be dealt with before they worsen and it runs reliably. Plus, by arranging this with MotorEasy you can expect to save up to 40% compared to main dealer prices!

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N.B: Looking after your car includes the tyres, which should be inflated to the correct pressures, depending on the number of passengers in the vehicle.


Money Saving Tip: Change How You Drive

Now, this might be easier said than done but, the smoother you are, the more economical your car will be.

Ensuring that everything from acceleration to braking is gentle, and always try to anticipate what's going on ahead.

Quite simply, accelerating hard away from one set of traffic lights, then braking even harder when the next ones have turned red, is the easiest way to waste fuel and money.


Money Saving Tip: Don't Carry Extra Weight

Don’t carry around any extra weight. If something doesn't need to be in your car, such as tools, bags, golf clubs and quite possibly old passengers, get rid of them.

Weight costs fuel, it's as simple as that. Got a roof rack? Nothing on it? Take it off, never mind the weight, there's a drag factor and that costs fuel too!

Driving Habits - Are You Guilty?


Money Saving Tip: Turn Off Your Air Con

If you want to go to extremes, then turn off your air conditioning, if fitted, but don’t open the windows (this causes drag which cancels out the benefits). Yes, you might feel warm, but think of how much fuller your wallet will be.
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There are so many small and very simple things you can do as a driver to boost your economy and consequently save money.


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