Car Repairs: Refurbished Parts - Should You Use Them?

should you use refurbished parts

New car parts can quickly add up when your car is in for repair. If you're looking at a costly repair bill a lot of the cost can come from these parts, but don't fret. 

The great news is that just about every car part is available refurbished. Damaged and older cars are broken for parts every single day. Often there isn’t a problem with the vehicle, it's just simple recycling and you can take advantage of that.

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How To Find Refurbished Parts?

The easiest way to find the part you need is to use a salvage yard.

It’s OK you don’t have to get your hands dirty or go out of your way, scrap yards do exist online these days. Use their search facility to see what they have.

Usually you have to register interest and they will send a confirmation email and the delivered price of the part you need. Otherwise just call them up and find out what's available.


Refurbished Parts Advice - Use Forums

It pays to keep in touch with fellow enthusiasts and owners through online forums in order to get the best value parts. Quite often manufacturers use the same parts for different models.

However, because one might have a different badge than the other there could be a premium to pay. Owners may be able to offer alternatives at a lower price, or identify cheaper parts that belong to one car, which will also fit a more expensive one.  


Got A Worn Out Part?

If you have a worn out part you could simply swap it for a refurbished one.

This has been going on for generations, there are specialist engineering companies who take old parts and re-make them to become as good as new.

All you do is take your worn out item, be it a gearbox or radiator, and in exchange you will get a refurbished one. It's much cheaper than buying new and your old part is reborn and reused. This is a vital and cost effective service, especially for older car owners.


When Not To Buy Second-hand?

Refurbished or just second-hand items are great and can save you money. Lights, trim and simple electrical parts can save you a fortune.

However, there are items that for safety’s sake we should all avoid. Do not use second-hand tyres, or even ones which have been remoulded, or retreaded. Pay a few pounds more for proper new tyres, don’t skimp on safety.

When in doubt ask the expert mechanics at MotorEasy which second-hand parts make sense for your car.


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