Car Repairs: How To Guard Against Garage Rip Offs

don't get ripped off by the garage

What most of us fear when visiting a garage, especially one we have never used before, is being taken for a very expensive ride. Of course if you've signed up with MotorEasy that'll never be an issue, but if you want to stay savvy, here’s what you should do to avoid the very worst happening.


Find A Good Garage: Ask Around

The best way to find a good garage is to ask around. Friends and relatives may have more experience than you. Write down what you want the mechanic to do and that they need to contact you before they carry out any additional work.

For instance if your car needs a service then simply copy out what the owner’s manual says, or contact the vehicle manufacturer to find out what is in the schedule. Then ask for a quote for the work before they start.

Ensure it includes all parts, labour and VAT. Ask if the parts and workmanship are guaranteed, if not, then go elsewhere.


Find A Good Garage: Make Notes And Mark Parts

If you don’t trust the garage then first of all you should make careful notes and take pictures of the condition of you vehicle inside and out. Many car owners complain about dents, scratches and oil stains, so be prepared. 
You could discreetly mark the parts you have asked to be replaced with a scratch. You will then know if they have been replaced. You are also within your rights to see the old parts. Also, did the garage use new or reconditioned parts, it is important to know.


Find A Good Garage: Take The Car For A Test Drive

Have you ever thought of asking for a test drive of the car before you pay and take it away? It is the smart thing to do. What’s the point of driving home in a car that has not be fixed satisfactorily, when you can get the garage on the case straight away.
Ideally save yourself all this stress and worry of choosing a garage by simply signing up with motoreasy.


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