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Haynes Manuals make a great present. They come in a range of titles and are not just about taking your car apart and putting it back together! In case you don't know here is a complete guide to the History of Haynes Manuals, they may have started with cars but the company have completely diversified and now includes guides to everything from zombie apocalypse survival to how to learn guitar. 

Delighted to say that Haynes has given MotorEasy an exclusive discount offer for their Practical Lifestyle Manuals. All you need to do is insert the code MOTOREASY15 at their checkout to get an amazing present for a great price.



Our Favourite Haynes Manuals

For The Star Wars Fan

Set to be published in November 2018. Fans of the greatest science fiction film series ever created will adore the brand new Star Wars Millennium Falcon. It explains in quite mind boggling detail how to fly and operate such a remarkable spacecraft.

Buy Star Wars Millenium Falcon Manual

The Perfect Manual for a Football Fan

Then again, someone who's passionate enough about football will want to understand just how the players tick and would love to get the inside line on being a Professional Footballer.

Know Any Massive Petrol Heads?

For the true petrolhead, a night in with a book explaining everything they could ever wish to know about some of the most charismatic Italian sports car engines ever made - the Ferrari Engines.

Buy Your Ferrari Engines Manual Here

And For The Knitting Man (Hipster)

This is also a great time of the year to take up a new hobby and Guys Knit shows the ins and outs, knit one, purl one, and proves that knitting isn't just for old ladies. 

If You're A Man Who Fancy's Knitting 

All you need to do is go to Haynes choose what you want or what Practical Lifestyle Manual you think friends and family would like the most, then use the code MOTOREASY15 to get up to 40% off until the 31st January. Not only that, everything is delivered free in the UK.

They also have some amazing categories which we will definitely be looking into for our loved ones such as.... 

Home, Garden & Leisure Activites

History, Crime & Social Studies

Caravanning & Camping

Let us know which titles you'd choose, we’d love to know.


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