Top 12 Gifts For The Car Lover In Your Life

By: Motor Easy
12 Motoring Gifts For The car lover In Your Life

Motoring Gift Guide

Gift giving is a year round thing and if you have a car lover in your life who is particularly hard to buy for we think we can help. We have compiled a list of the gifts we think they will love and we certainly do! 

1. Bespoke Carvolution Print

Now these are super cool, this company takes all the cars you've ever owned and compiles them into this neat illustrated list. You can have up to 20 cars in one frame and it's definitely a great present for the serial car owner in your life. 

Get yours from £155

2. SPECIAL OFFER - Haynes Manual 

Haynes Manuals make a great present for any time of year, giving your loved one the chance to become an expert on anything, from ballet to babies. To make them even better MotorEasy has been given an exclusive discount code for their Practical Lifestyle Manuals. Just enter the code MOTOREASY15 at checkout and get an amazing gift at an even better price. 

Get yours from Haynes Online

3. Chocolate Road Signs

These are just amazing, to be honest we're thinking of getting them for the office. You get 15 little choccies in each pack and they are gluten free - even better!!

Another gift from My Car and Me

4. Car Dial Cufflinks

These cufflinks feature a petrol gauge and a speedometer and both of the dials move!! In these classic colours they finish any outfit perfectly, providing a subtle nod to their car love - need  to be wearing a shirt though!!

Car Dial Cufflinks from Me and My Car

5. In Car Espresso Machine

We've covered the wine lover now we move onto the coffee lover. Audi are selling an in car espresso machine which comes with two cups, 18 illy espresso pods, a cleaning cloth and a storage bag. It connects to your car's cigarette lighter socket to give you great coffee on the go. Very cool.

Get yours from the Audi website

6. Driving Lesson Fund

If the person you are trying to buy for is a little young for the gifts mentioned so far, but they still love cars all the same. Get them on the road faster with their own personalised driving fund money box.

Get your Personalised Money Box

7. Yeti Hand Ice Scraper

An ice scraper is a must have in any car especially during winter, and with this super stylish Yeti Hand Ice Scraper you'll be the talk of the street when it's frosty, and your hand will still be warm. What could be better?

8. Personalised Air Freshener

Want that new car smell (or a number of other smells) and the face of your loved one or pet in your car? Why not get their face on your next air freshener, they also make a great Secret Santa gift as you can get any photo you want. 

9. Tesla Phone Charger

Got a car lover with a 3D printer? It might also help for Tesla owners - or fans and future owners. If they own a 3D printer they can print their very own Tesla phone charger using the files. (Or you can alternatively just buy them one already made, which might be a touch easier!)


10. Driving Gloves

They're a classic present for anyone who loves to drive! What's more stylish than driving down a country road in a convertible with a pair of beautiful leather driving gloves? Nothing, if you're asking for our humble opinion!! 

Get this Lambskin Leather pair from Jasmine Silk

11. LEGO Mini

LEGO have added the legendary Original Mini Cooper to their LEGO Creator range. Now this says it is for 16 and upwards which means it truly is for LEGO experts, as you can even put together the engine.

Available from The Lego Shop 

12. Omologato Watch

These sleek watches are everything a car owner needs, yes your car may have a digital clock but is it the same as having an actual timepiece on your wrist? Especially one as pretty as this. Every creation by Omologato has a motoring story behind it, there's plenty to choose from and they are loved by legendary drivers like Damon Hill, Stirling Moss and Freddie Hunt.

We love the Racing Chrono 24. Get it here

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