DIY car repairs slipping away as drivers no longer look under the bonnet

By: Motor Easy
DIY Car Repairs
  • We have found a third of drivers open their car bonnets less than four times a year
  • Technology-laden cars make DIY almost impossible
  • But technology can give drivers more control over vehicle health

The days of oily hands and the smell of heavy duty cleaner in the kitchen are on their way out as driveway DIY dwindles. A study we conducted found that a third* of motorists reach for the bonnet catch fewer than four times a year, while 62 per cent leave the engine bay untouched for more than two months at a time.    

Female motorists are on the whole less likely to attempt car maintenance than male drivers who, on average, lifting the bonnet 4.8 and 6.8* times respectively on an annual basis.

Technology to blame?

While the study suggests enthusiasm for driveway DIY is dying, it could be that technology, rather than lack of interest, is to blame.

Technology-laden connected cars force drivers to think twice before attempting vehicle maintenance, as specialist tools and diagnostics equipment are essential for identifying faults and carrying out repairs. 

The concierge-like service we offer takes away the need for today’s time-poor motorists to get ‘under the hood’. We take care of all service, repair and maintenance procedures which you can keep a track of via your own personal account and we even negotiate on your behalf when it comes to labour and parts costs.

Remove repair worries with the UK's best car warranty

Take the health of your car back into your hands

However, drivers will still be able to play their part in future. Enabling motorists to take control of the condition of their vehicles, we are set, next month, to introduce a world-first warranty-linked ‘health monitor’ for their cars. 

Duncan McClure Fisher, MotorEasy founder, said: “While DIY maintenance might be the domain of classic car owners and the determined few, it is clear that the service, repair and maintenance industry is changing fast.

“We always recommend that drivers carry out essential basic safety checks like tyre pressures and windscreen washer fluid levels but, from next month we should be able to empower drivers in a completely different way.

*MotorEasy survey of 2,000 motorists, December 2016


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