September Plate Change - Should You Buy A 68?

buy a brand new 68 change

September's plate change is upon us bringing the second best time of the year to buy a new car say the experts, or rather car dealers, but is it? Here is how to beat the established car buying system and get a new car for less.


Buying A New Car - Where To Start?

Buy your new car right now. The truth is that a car dealer is all geared up for September, so if you're reading this in August and if you really must have a new car, do it now.

As everyone else waits for the calendar to tick over to the ninth month you will be the only one asking for a deal. They will be bored and keen to do something during their least busy month.

If you are looking for a car in September why not use the MotorEasy leasing comparison tool. This finds you the best deals in your area and you don't have to haggle with dealers.

Otherwise just wait till November or December when it gets quiet again. Simply avoid the most hyped car buying month of year.


Buying A New Car - Look For An Older Model

Buy an old model. Quite often special editions and new models will be part of a September new car promotion.

Ask them if they have one that isn’t available. Often it could be a model, which has been registered, but has zero miles.

So whereas the new ‘68s are in the showroom, out at the back are the ‘67s, which have been registered to get a manufacturer bonus and can be bought for far less.

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Buying A New Car - Look For A Used Car

Buy a used car. In order to sell all those brand new cars, dealers will have taken in thousands of used models as part exchanges.

Quite simply, that means used car prices are softer than ever and the choice is huge.

Whether you are shopping at a dealer, or just looking at private advertisements, bargain hard.

It's summer, people are on holiday and there are suddenly far more cars for sale than buyers. This is the best chance you will have to bag a motoring bargain.

Quite simply, don’t believe the car buying hype, take control of the buying process and don’t be fooled into getting a ’68 plate and then paying through the nose.

You can also head to MotorEasy's leasing comparison tool and find the best deal for a new car near you.

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