How To Update Your MotorEasy Account

By: Motor Easy
Update Mileage & Car Servicing In MotorEasy Account

Whether you’ve received an email recommending you update your mileage or servicing date in your MotorEasy Account, or you think your car details are out of date - it’s time to get that fixed! It certainly pays to do so - you’ll keep your free reminders up-to-date, and gives you quicker access to any servicing, MOT or repairs assistance we provide. It also ensures that if you have an active warranty with us it stays valid.


How To Update Your Car Details

Follow the link in the email to log in to your account and head to your car account page. Click the ‘VIEW YOUR CAR DETAILS’ button underneath the photo of your vehicle. This will be the same no matter how many vehicles you have in your account. You can switch between vehicles using the drop down arrow button above the vehicle image.


Log In To Your Account

Here you should be able to see all your important motoring dates and the mileage you have entered for your vehicle. To make any changes, use the red ‘UPDATE VEHICLE INFO’ button. This will take you to another screen where you’ll be able to update all your vehicle's information.

Update Your Service, MOT and Tax Dates

On this page you are able to update your service date, MOT date and tax date. Updating these means the reminders you receive are always relevant and timely, giving you plenty of opportunity to get your next appointment booked in. You can also update your mileage here, which can be found at the bottom of the list. Keeping mileage up to date keeps your warranty valid and any repairs that need to be approved can be done so much faster.

It's as simple as that to keep all your motoring dates and reminders in check!


Log In Now

Upload A Photo

Along with your key dates you will see an automated photo already in your account. You can change this by selecting the ‘Upload New Photo’ button where you can upload an image of your pride and joy every time you log in. This picture will then show up on any bookings you arrange with MotorEasy.


Update Your Info Now

Change Your Vehicle Registration

If you’ve purchased a personalised or cherished number plate, here is where you can update it. Just type the new plate into the ‘Vehicle Registration’ box and hit ‘REQUEST CHANGE’. This will then be checked against the DVLA database, so will take up to 5 days to show in your account. 

You can also check the database yourself to see if it’s gone through on the DVLA website here.

 How To Upload Your Documents

If you scroll further down your account you will come across the ‘Personal Documentation’ section. Here you will find much of your account history such as workshop, MOT, mileage and product purchase history. However you can also upload all of your important vehicle documents. Click on the yellow ‘UPLOAD’ button on the top right corner of the ‘My Documents’.

You will then see a pop up screen in which you can select a file to upload and categories to choose from, which the file will come under. Finally, choose the vehicle in which the document realtes to, then hit ‘upload’. You can upload previous servicing or MOT documents, as well as receipts of any purchases relating to your vehicle. These will all be stored in your account for your reference at any time.



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