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By: James Ruppert
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This month we take a look at technology in more detail, the possibility of you receiving a pizza delivery via a robot and the brand new electric MINI that has made its way onto Britain's roads. Our film this month is Blade Runner 2049 with flying cars for car lovers and Ryan Gosling for the ladies. 

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We are sure many of you can remember going to see the original Blade Runner at the cinema, this revamped version has kept the flying cars and Harrison Ford, but added Ryan Gosling. 

Could driverless cars be the future of Dominos pizza? Randomly selected customers in Abbots Ann will get the option of having their pizza delivered by a Ford Fusion Hybrid Autonomous Research Vehicle, manually-driven by a Ford safety engineer and staffed with researchers. We also take a look at the new Electric MINI and the hybrid German taxi.


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This month also features a who range of new electric vehicles from the flying Pal V, and the yet to be launched electric MINI Concept, which will be on the road with the Electric MINI Countryman already in production. There could also be electric taxis coming to pick you up next time you are in London, as the TX electric zero-emissions taxi showcased its eCity technology.

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The rest of Free Car Mag is everything you want in motoring, fashion and comment, and is one of the few places you will find those three things together. Hope you enjoy. 


James Ruppert

Editor, Free Car Mag & Author, Bangernomics


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