MotorEasy Reading: Free Car Mag 51

By: James Ruppert
Free Car Mag 51 - MotorEasy Reading

There are quite a few two wheel and even three wheelers in this issue for which we make no apologies. Bikes are great fun, easy to park and cheap to run. So as it is still summer (just), why not take the plunge and learn how to ride a motorcycle?

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Enter the patron saint of motorcyclists, Guy Martin. So far this year has been something of a wash out for our hero with a serious crash in the Isle of Man TT this summer, but as soon as he gets back on the stunt riding pillion we will have him on the cover. In the meantime, you'll have to make do with our bike features, we don't pretend to be experts, but at least the pictures are nice.

Kingsman The Golden Circle. We loved the last one, not least because it was all about style and we are pleased to see that the new one is just as sharply suited. Indeed we insist on showing you how to get their look. This is also Taron Egerton's second time on our cover. Previously he was the less than sartorial Eddie the Eagle perched on top of a van. Luckily we show you how to get out of ill fitting ski wear and into a proper suit with our friends at Simon Carter.

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Reliant Regal Only Fools And Horses Derek Trotter's iconic Reliant Regal

We have a lot of cars of course, with an extra Buy Now section, plus we go on a MINI holiday which is nice, plus a whole heap of films and TV that have a car, or cars in them.

So, four wheels good, sometimes two wheels can be better and it is possible to make a strong case for a three wheeled Reliant Regal. Sorry about that.

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