Used Cars: Are The Banger's Days Numbered?

By: James Ruppert
Used car buying - banger Peugeot 205 old motor

Used Cars: Are The Banger's Days Numbered?

A worring thought from James Ruppert, author of Bangernomics

A bunch of lawyers, are suggesting that the good old Banger may be dead. According to their survey of 1,371 new drivers, more than a third (38%) opt to purchase new cars on finance upon passing their driving tests, instead of the more traditional browsing of the used car market.


In my opinion, that's a tiny cross section of the nation’s drivers indulging in rather a lot of wishful thinking. Pass your test and start your motoring life with a brand new car. Wouldn’t we all want that?

The reality is that most parents pay for their children’s first motor.


A parent's love dictates it should be the best they can afford, but it does not have to be brand new. It is perfectly possible to buy a safe, affordable and reliable used car, which will serve as a decent first set of wheels.


Car Ownership Experience

A car that mistakes can be made in. Gather parking scrapes, knocks, scratches and maybe learn a thing or to about how to look after a car.


This need not be the stereotypical banger; a cheap, cheerless and borderline MOT failure would amount to irresponsible parenting.


You are looking for solid and durable, not flash and most importantly these days - easy to insure.


If that car is five years old or more and people want to call it a banger, then so be it - honestly cars don't date as quickly as they used to and many approaching a decade old can easily be mistaken for a much newer car (particularly if well maintained).

"Long live the Banger. The only way to start your motoring life."


First cars ought to be cherished and used for the reasons we’ve outlined.


Car Finance Pitfalls

Not to mention, an inexperienced driver with a new car on finance can cost a pretty packet. Have you seen the rectification costs when returning a three year old vehicle in usable condition under a lease scheme? Why run that risk?


Car Maintenance & Repairs

Teach responsibility at the earliest possible age. Look after that banger and it will take care of you. Keep on top of car servicing, get to grips with the MOT test (use our free tool to check your car's MOT failure rate), get a car warranty for peace of mind and polish it every weekend.


Long live the Banger. The only way to start your motoring life.


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