2023 Top Stolen Cars: Is Yours Safe?

On average, 1 car was stolen in the UK every 8 minutes 12 seconds last year, with car theft up nearly 5% from the previous year.

The most recent vehicle crime report coincides with a recent upsurge in keyless vehicle thefts, which is now the most popular method used by organised crime to take cars of all kinds, even the newest models.

It was reported that 64,087 vehicles were stolen in 2023 according to the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency in 2023—a 4.9% increase from 61,106 in 2022.

Based on information from the DVLA, the Ford Fiesta - the UK's most owned car, was reported stolen the most in 2023. With an estimated 1.5 million cars on the road today, it is not surprising that the Fiesta tops the list with one stolen every 88 minutes.

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This data also revealed a 2.8% drop in Range Rover thefts. When this news was conveyed to Jaguar Land Rover, they were happy to hear it, and owners of the brand will also have a weight lifted off their shoulders (but not completely).

It's not such good news for Mercedes though. Owners of Mercedes-Benz C Class may want to keep a watch on their vehicles as DVLA data indicates a 30% increase in thefts.

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