How to keep your car clean during a hosepipe ban

By: Christina Smith
How to keep your car clean during a hosepipe ban

It’s the height of summer, and it’s hot. Basking in the fact that you haven’t seen rainfall in weeks, you start to notice that your grass is now no longer a healthy shade of green.
In an attempt to conserve water, this year's summer-long heatwave has resulted in a temporary ban on the household use of hosepipes across the UK. Thames Water and Yorkshire Water were the latest to impose a ban, joining the likes of Southern Water, South-west Water, South-East Water and Welsh Water, who annouced their ban earlier this month. According to USwitch, using a hopepipe to wash your car requires around a whopping 400-800 litres of water.
So, are you allowed to wash your car during a hose pipe ban? Luckily for motorists, the answer is yes. You can still keep your car looking pristine this summer, without the use of a hosepipe. 


Here are our top-tips to keeping your car clean during a hosepipe ban:



1) Bucket and sponge – the good old-fashioned way. Luckily you can still fill up a bucket of water from a tap, even during a hosepipe ban. Filling a bucket uses considerably less water than a standard hosepipe, over 10x less in fact. However, be mindful that sponges carry the risk of collecting harmful objects, which could cause damage to the lacquer on the car.

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2) Waterless cleaning – As simple as it sounds, waterless cleaning products are available for your car, and for a reasonable price too. They simply work by using a spray on the areas of your car that need cleaning and a wipe with a microfibre cloth. Microfibre cloths pose less damage to the surface of your vehicle and at around only £5 a pack, you might want to stock up! 

You can find a variety of waterless cleaning products and microfibre cloths online or instore at Halfords.


3) Car wash - If these cleaning methods don’t take your fancy, then the option to use a car wash is still available. While rocking up to your local car wash will save you time and energy, it may not be as cost effective as DIY methods. For a cheaper alternative, opt for garage jet washers, which still use less water than a hosepipe. 

4) Reduce the need to wash your car – Applying a protective wax will help seal your car and decrease the need to clean it too regularly, but like going to the car wash, it can be less cost effective.

For even greater protection, take out MotorEasy alloy insurance. Scuffed alloys can ruin the effect of a clean car, so MotorEasy offer protection against damage kerbing, potholes and road debris.




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