New 20 Registration Plate Survival Guide

2020 Car Registration

Don’t panic! All that’s happened is the registration number has changed. The cars are exactly the same, but what might have changed are the offers and the opportunities dealerships are offering. This could be your chance to bag a better value new or used car - or not. Here is our guide to buying smart in March.



How Do I Get The Best Deal On A New Vehicle?

With new car sales apparently on the slide - sales fell in 2019 by -2.3% to 2.3 million units as buyers stayed away - car manufacturers and dealers have never been more keen to tempt us into their showrooms. For instance Citroën UK is offering matching advance and monthly rentals on selected C1 city cars, C3 supermini and C3 Aircross Compact SUV models, for orders placed and registered by 31 March 2020. In addition an ‘Au Revoir Winter / Bonjour Spring…Ooh la la £500 saving’ is also introduced in the same period for all models excluding C1.


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All new Peugeot Photo credit: Peugeot

There is a huge range of competitive finance deals and discounts about, but don’t simply rely on what the manufacturer is offering as there may be equally good finance deals available from dedicated leasing companies. Car brokers may also have better discount schemes. It is vital to make sure that any vehicles being promoted are not due to be replaced or revised soon. Perhaps the deal could be even better, so ensure you do your research online.


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Where To Buy Cheap New Cars

Fancy a new car, but at a slightly used car price? Well, 19 plates might seem quite old to some, but they won't be any different from the majority of models now wearing those fancy 20s. The really clever way to really save cash at this time of year on a brand new car is to go for a nearly new.

The way the motor industry works is strange and lots of models are registered merely to boost sales figures, so have delivery mileage. Also companies operating fleets may only run their vehicles for a few months and to a set mileage. Usually, these cars are less than a year old with less than 10,000 miles, but it can vary. The best part is that buyers save at least 30%, often more on the brand new piece. Not only that, the balance of the manufacturer warranty still applies, so there is complete reassurance.

Nearly new vehicles can be found at car dealers and car supermarkets.


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All new Fiat Chrysler Photo credit: Fiat Chrysler Showroom

The Best Time To Buy Used Cars?

Oddly enough this is also a very good time to consider buying a used car. There will be a dramatic increase in the number of part exchanges as people line up to drive their new 20 plates out of the showroom. Meanwhile something needs to be done with their old car - mostly these are sent to auctions and soon end up with used car dealers.

The sheer volume of vehicles means that values fall. It would take a very brave, or expert buyer to go direct to a car auction. Better to visit a dealer and bargain hard. You should also look closely at private advertisements as many new car buyers will have been disappointed by the part exchange offer from the dealer and have decided to sell it themselves. These days it is possible to protect yourself with a comprehensive warranty from Motoreasy.

If you must buy new, be patient, work out what you want but look into the alternative ways of financing it. If you are not obsessed with having a ’20 or being the first owner then a nearly new model may be the answer. Buy used, there are lots of part exchanges around and used values are in decline especially on less popular models.

There may never be a better time to pick up a cheap set of wheels. Good luck.


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