Most Popular Car Colours Revealed

Popular Car Colours

Ever wondered what the most popular used car was according to one of the UK’s biggest dealers? That might be something you could find out at a fantastic online resource designed for the motorist who wants to know more. It may even tell what the most popular new car colour was last year, but even if it doesn’t, we have the answer.


Which Cars Were Most Popular in 2019?

It can be revealed that the Ford Fiesta was the pick of the cars with Motorpoint customers in 2019. Figures from the UK’s leading independent car retailer, which has a network of branches throughout England, Scotland and Wales, revealed that the Ford Fiesta was the best-selling model of 2019, moving up one place on last year. It was closely followed by last year’s chart topper, the Nissan Qashqai, and the BMW 1 Series. For the BMW 3 Series and Citroen C3, its their first appearance in their top five.

Interestingly there were a number of regional variations. In England and Wales, for instance, the top three selling models were the Ford Fiesta, Nissan Qashqai and BMW 1 Series while in Scotland it was the Nissan Qashqai, Ford Fiesta and the BMW 3 Series. Yet when it comes to more upmarket and expensive cars it was the more wealthy individuals in London who went for a rather different model line up. So it was BMW 3 Series, BMW 1 and Mercedes Benz C Class all featuring in the top five selling cars from last year.

Buyers still favoured petrol power, now accounting for almost two thirds of all sales, at 62.2 per cent (up 4.7 per cent on the previous year) compared with 37.8 per cent for diesels (down 4.7 per cent on the previous year).


Your Car Queries Answered

Should things go wrong when you are buying a car then help is close at hand. Or at least just a tap away on your keypad. The Motor Ombudsman’s online Knowledge Base, is designed to make it faster and simpler for consumers to resolve their queries and complaints in relation to buying and running a car.

Accessed via the “Find an answer” button at the top of any page of the Motor Ombudsman's website consumers can now consult a comprehensive library of over 110 articles relating to The Motor Ombudsman’s four Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI)-approved Codes of Practice, car ownership and commonly used automotive terminology, prior to raising a case.

Subjects in relation to the purchase of a new or used car accounted for 60% of the ten most popular articles in 2019, with “Can I get a deposit refund?” emerging as the most clicked on question in the Knowledge Base. Still in the New and Used Car Sales category, the next most read topic was whether owners are able to return a car within the first 14 days of ownership, and the implications of buying a vehicle at a distance and at physical premises. Rounding off the top three was a Service and Repair question asked by many consumers in terms of the action that can be taken in the event that a garage has not fixed a problem with their vehicle following a repair.


Most Popular Car Colour of 2019

Finally, here’s something a bit dismal, both to look at and accept. According to figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, grey was the UK’s favourite new car colour in 2019. The number of grey cars registered in the year rose 5.3% to 521,273 and meant an increased market share for the colour, with more than one in five new cars (22.6%) sold painted grey.

If that fact is just a little bit bleak, then brace yourself for this, the colours black and white completed the line up of top three hues chart. The terrible news is that 60.7% of all new cars being bought in 2019 were shades of monochrome. Grey must be taking over as registrations of black cars were down -2.4% and white cars down -4.1%. One bright spot is the reappearance of yellow in tenth spot. Maybe the car colour palette is brightening up.

Let us know how important a car’s colour is to you. Maybe it is a happy accident, especially with a used vehicle. We would love to know.


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