What Car? 2020 Reliability Award: Lexus

What Car? 2020 Reliability Awards Lexus

The facts don’t lie as the 2019 What Car? Reliability Survey proved. This was conducted in association with MotorEasy and was topped by Lexus. The annual survey compiled feedback from 18,000 car owners on vehicles up to five-years-old and rating them on the number of faults experienced over the previous 12 months. It also took into account how long repairs took and how much owners had to pay to get their vehicle back on the road.


MotorEasy’s own statistics in 2019 analysing 47,000 policies over a period of two and half years, and involving 33 manufacturers, to assessing the number of repairs, as well as the cost of those fixes. Lexus ranked number three as the car least likely to break down and the frequency of failure was just 9%.


This reliability award virtually picked itself then. It is worth spending time talking and listening to Lexus owners, mechanics and the car trade. The simple fact is that no one has a bad word to say about the Lexus on the drive, workshop or forecourt.


What they do have to say is how good the dealer network is. When they take it in for a service they are treated exceptionally well. It is old-fashioned courtesy and just attention to detail. Things are done properly and customers feel looked after.


With regular servicing and care every Lexus has the ability to cover incredible six figure mileages without missing a beat. Nothing seems to go wrong. Maybe the odd bulb will blow, tyres will eventually wear out and wipers become hard and scratchy. Otherwise, all a Lexus seems to do is work.


That’s really important for owners, having a vehicle they can rely on. Reliability is the most underrated quality. It helps though if the car you rely on is as nice as a Lexus.

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