What Car? Reliability Survey

By: Motor Easy
What Car? and MotorEasy

Following the announcement that MotorEasy are the headline sponsors of the 2020 Car of the Year Awards, we’ve worked with What Car? to announce the most and least reliable UK cars in the past 12 months.

Buying a car is the second biggest purchase after your house, so it pays to know you’re purchasing a motor that isn’t going to give you grief down the line.

18,119 What Car? readers answered a series of questions on how much time and money they’d spent on their car repairs. From this, each car has been uniquely rated based on real owner’s experiences to give you a true idea of how a model will perform. The survey results include 218 models from 30 manufacturers, divided into 10 classes and 2 age groups to offer the results you’re interested in.

 So whatever car you’re looking to buy, the reliability survey is sure to give you food for thought.

From the likes of city and small cars, luxury cars and family SUVs, you’ll be able to see what went wrong, the average reliability for the class and what percentage of cars were reported with faults.

Some of our top picks are the Kia Soul which came top of the Small SUV category with an impressive NO cars showing any faults and the Suzuki Celerio, top of City and Small Cars with only 11% of cars having faults. At the other end, the Vauxhall Astra came bottom of the Family Cars category with a whopping 40% of cars displaying faults.

Don’t let us spoil it all though! Take a read of the survey yourself and see which car you should think twice about before buying.

Previously, MotorEasy have carried out their own investigations on which are the most and least reliable cars on the market. We analysed 47,000 car warranty plans over a two and a half year period to determine which cars are the best to purchase, based on facts, not opinion! Have a look at our results here

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