How Car Servicing Keeps Your Finances Healthy

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Is Car Servicing Necessary?

Car servicing is one of those annual bookings that you might consider skipping. Surely modern cars are better made than ever and regular servicing isn't as important as it was a few decades ago? In fact, dodging a car service often ends up costing more in the long run, not only exposing drivers to an increased chance of breakdown and repairs, it can also significantly affect the value of the car.


Car servicing's affect on vehicle value

Research over the years by motor industry experts suggests that a missing or incomplete service history can wipe as much as a fifth off the value of a car. This is certainly an important factor when it comes to cars just a few years old. Also luxury, sports and specialist cars can be very badly affected by a lack of service history. If you don’t believe us, simply go online and get your car valued by a dealer or a specialist company who buy used cars. You will routinely get 10% less offered when you tick the box saying "no service history".


Car reliability

Getting a car serviced is sensible because it will prevent the trauma of a breakdown, or avoid storing up problems that cost more to sort out in the future. While car servicing will cost you in the hundreds of pounds, the cost of replacing an engine due to poor maintenance could run into thousands, a blown radiator £430 and a new water pump £240.

Having established how important and sensible it is to get a car serviced it is essential that servicing should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s schedule. Finding that out is easy and it is not necessary to go to a main dealer. Provided that the schedule is followed and the parts used are genuine, the service record has the same validity. That's why MotorEasy ensure all our network garages carry work out to these high standards. Helping motorists save money, stay safe and properly serviced.

When do you need car servicing?


Keep Your Car Warranty Valid

Regular car servicing in line with your manufacturer's guidelines (available in your car manual - or get in touch to find your next requirement) will keep any warranty cover on your vehicle valid. Expect to save 40% on franchised dealer prices for full manufacturer servicing with MotorEasy.


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