A Thrilling (But Terrifying) Tour of the World's Most Dangerous Roads

For most of us, driving is a routine part of life. But for some daring adventurers (or perhaps those who took a wrong turn), there are roads that push the boundaries of what most would consider sane. These perilous paths weave through breathtaking landscapes, but come with a hefty dose of danger. Let's take a tour of some of the world's most dangerous roads:

• North Yungas Road, Bolivia (a.k.a. "The Death Road"):

This infamous Bolivian highway holds a dark nickname for a reason. Narrow, single-lane with sheer drops lacking guardrails, the Yungas Road winds through the Andes at dizzying heights. Landslides and unpredictable weather add to the treacherous mix. Though safety improvements have been made, it remains a formidable challenge, even for experienced drivers.

• Bayburt D915, Turkey:

Recently dethroning the Yungas Road for the top spot on some "most dangerous" lists, the Bayburt D915 in Turkey is a nightmare of switchbacks clinging to mountainsides. Add in harsh weather conditions with avalanches and snowstorms, and you've got a recipe for disaster. This narrow, winding road is best left to local drivers who know its every twist and turn.

• Dalton Highway, Alaska:

The Dalton Highway in Alaska might seem tame compared to some on this list, but its remoteness is what makes it dangerous. Unpaved for much of its 414 miles, this Alaskan artery traverses unforgiving tundra with limited services. Breakdown in freezing temperatures could prove deadly.

• Stelvio Pass, Italy:

For those who crave danger with a side of scenic beauty, the Stelvio Pass might be the answer. This iconic Italian mountain pass boasts 80 hairpin turns and breathtaking vistas, but demands respect from drivers. Narrow roads and steep drops mean even a minor mistake can have serious consequences.

• Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand:

Carved by gold miners over a century ago, Skippers Canyon Road in New Zealand is a narrow, one-lane track with a wild past. Drivers navigate switchbacks and sheer drops overlooking the Shotover River. While improvements have been made, this historic route is still a challenge

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