John Malley, Boxing Clever for Cancer Research

John Malley, Boxing Clever for Cancer Research

In the headlights

John Malley, boxing clever for Cancer Research

This month’s staff member in the headlights, is one of the longest serving members of the MotorEasy family, John Malley.

Former soldier and lifelong Liverpool FC fan, John is currently rekindling his teenage years as an amateur boxer, training for a charity-fundraising White Collar boxing competition on November 12th in Bracknell. Brave or foolhardy? We fear an unhealthy dose of the latter. But we’ll be right behind you John, standing a safe distance somewhere near the bar.

John subjected himself to our questions…

Tell us about your journey to MotorEasy

I joined the Royal Signals aged 16 straight from school. Sadly, just months before my third year in the Corps, I was medically discharged after breaking an ankle parachuting in Belize. The moral of the story – don’t drink and parachute! In hindsight, Belizean firewater the night before, wasn’t such a good idea.

After the army, a series of sales jobs took me to Warranty Assist in 2006, (MotorEasy’s sister company), before transferring to the newly launched MotorEasy in 2016.

What do you like most about your job

We’re in the business of helping people out when things go wrong. Over the years I’ve heard numerous stories of customers saving eyewatering sums after blown engines, failed suspension and apparently small problems escalating to major bills.

Aside from that, it’s the people. A good number of us have been here from the very beginning, over 16-years. We’ve watched the company and our careers grow in parallel. 

What do you do outside work?

Visiting theme parks with my partner and her daughter, pretending I can stomach the rides, while stopping short of anything more scary than Nemesis (Alton Towers’ fearsome rollercoaster). 

Your the perfect journey:

Dream Car: VW Touareg

Dream journey: Route 66

Preferred soundtrack: Heart 80s

Travel buddy: Tyson Fury

John will be raising funds for Cancer Research at the Bracknell White Collar boxing championship on 12th November, which also happens to be his 42nd birthday. Further details at: John Malley Just Giving


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