One Third Of Female Drivers Think Garages Rip Them Off Because Of Gender

By: Motor Easy
Car Repairs - dealing with garages can be a hassle

Almost a third of female motorists (29%) feel that a garage has overcharged them for work done to their car purely because they're a woman.

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Interestingly, men are even more suspicious about how much they have been charged for repair or maintenance work by garages, with almost half (47%) claiming they believe they have been overcharged before, but not necessarily because of their gender.

But nearly one in three (31%) women drivers have stopped using a garage because they felt they were being taken advantage of.

Younger women drivers (20-25 year olds) feel most vulnerable, with over a third (33.8%) feeling that a technician has charged them over the odds, but even a quarter of the most experienced drivers (56-70 year olds) have the same fear.


Nearly one in three women drivers have stopped using a garage because they felt they were being taken advantage of.

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motoreasy technicians save you hassle and money when dealing with garages. Women often feel they've been duped

motoreasy chief executive, Duncan McClure Fisher, said: “These days, people are generally busier than ever with modern life. Increasingly, motorists don’t have time to deal with the dull car maintenance jobs like arranging MOTs or organising car repairs.

“Our research shows that this is compounded for female motorists, who also feel fearful of entering negotiations with garages in case they get overcharged or charged for work that is not actually needed." 

“The problem is even worse for young drivers, who don’t know as much about cars and are, therefore, even more open to being taken advantage of.”

Females aged 26-35 are most likely to jump ship from a garage because they feel they’ve been taken advantage of (38%), as well as nearly half of ladies in the East Midlands.

Meanwhile, women in Northern Ireland are the most concerned that they have paid too much for repairs, with more than two in five (42%) reporting concerns.

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