What To Buy Your Dad on Father’s Day

What to buy your Dad on Father's Day

Dad’s special day is around the corner and he happens to be a petrolhead. What should you get him? Don’t worry we’re here to help!

Funko Pop

Funko Pop figurines are hugely popular and highly collectible. Every now and then they do adorable automotive editions including James Bond and his Aston Martin DB5, the Knight Rider (Michael Knight with KITT) and 60-eras Batman with the iconic TV show Batmobile'

These appear to have been discontinued by Funko Pop itself but can still be found through other outlets such as Amazon. Currently offered on the official website: US NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt with his racecar, and animated series Batman with Batmobile Typically priced around £30, there’s investment potential here - the James Bond/Aston Martin edition is presently being advertised for £99 (so keep the boxes!).

Ferrari Cologne

We’re not saying your Dad smells, but it doesn’t hurt to smell nice. And if he’s a Ferrari fan, check out a range of officially licenced colognes. Ferrari Red has a woody and spicy scent, whilst Ferrari Black is a fruity aromatic fragrance. Throw in a Ferrari model car (check to see what he doesn’t already have!) and other items of merchandise, like a cap, and your gift will be the next best thing to buying an actual Ferrari.

Driving Shoes

Got his foot size? How about an exquisite pair of driving shoes? Sparco shoes would be an obvious choice – it’s the go-to brand for motor racing suits. But don’t buy the racing shoes, your dad’s mate will make fun of him! Instead look in the Sparco fashion range and opt for something like the Imola GPC black suede slips. They’re reasonably priced at around £80. Also check out the similarly priced range of Puma driving shoes to really state your dad’s racing intentions.

Alternatively, for a more casual but equally functional style, try a pair of Loake driving mocassins. Why? Because no less than the legendary late F1 Champion, Ayrton Senna, wore Loakes (most famously seen on his dancing feet as he thrashes a Honda NSX around a circuit in a well-known YouTube video). Try the Donington driving range for £120. Got a bigger budget? Then try a pair of mocassins from The Original Car Shoe company. Not cheap at £360 though.

Leather Gulf Racing Jacket

If you’ve ever caught him watching the movie LeMans starring Steve McQueen, then check out the Steve McQueen range from London Leathers, particularly the RTX Leathers range cream Classic Gulf Heuer Firestone LeMans jacket for £230. Wearing this, he’ll never have looked cooler!

Driving Experience

In the UK, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to actual experiences behind the wheel, taking a car to its limit and beyond. There’s everything from Ferrari, Caterham and Aston Martin experiences, to renting classics, off-road driving and supercar experiences.

Head over to Track Days where you can book most of these, including driving European classics, American muscle cars and famous movie cars, or even actual Formula 1 cars.

For rally fans head over to the world-famous Bill Gwynne Rallyschool in Northants, where your old man could get behind the wheel of Subaru Impreza and classic Mk 2 Ford Escort rally cars and spend the day blasting around a rally stage.

Finally, check out Paul Swift stunt driving experiences where dad’s driving skills will be pushed to the absolute limit as he masters handbrake and J turns, drifting and sliding into a parking spot! As well as learning the art of precision driving, he’ll get to set a time around a track in a Ford Mustang.

Now that’s a Father’s Day he’ll never forget!

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