Most Dangerous Day to Drive

By: Georgina Bradford
Most dangerous day to drive

Having an accident on the road is something every driver wants to avoid, so what if we knew which days we should stay away from the road?

Admiral have revealed the most dangerous day to drive in the UK is 18th January, which just happens to coincide with Blue Monday - deemed to be the day people feel most down.

Based on research from policyholders in the last 7 years, Admiral found 35% more claims were made on 18th January, which compared to the safest day (25th December), is a 288% increase.

Winter months are the most dangerous for driving

RankDate of Accident
118 January
25 December
31 December
416 January
530 November
614 December
728 February
815 December
94 December
101 March

You’ll notice from the data, most accidents occur in winter due to the continuous changing of road conditions. Roads can become inundated with increased hazards, such as rain, snow, ice and potholes - so it’s important to take extra care when driving in these conditions.

How to say safe on the road

To ensure you’re keeping safe on the road, make sure you’re following these tips:

  • Carry out essential checks, such as battery, tyres, oil, water and fuel levels
  • Carry an emergency travel kit in your car - you’ll never know when you might be stranded following an accident
  • Plan ahead and prepare for your journey - especially for any travel alerts
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