The World's First Parts Only Warranty

By: Motor Easy
Parts Only Warranty

 It's a world's first! We're bringing DIY car enthusiasts, who enjoy taking on the task themselves, a Parts Only Warranty from as little as £175 a year, putting your mind at rest when it comes to unexpected repair bills.


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Parts Only Warranty: How Does It Work?

We cover the cost of the part and you fit it - simple! You're able to source the component and arrange the delivery time/location - or, if you’d prefer, we can assist you. This means you can relax in the knowledge that, should the unfortunate event happen, you won't be lumbered with extortionate labour rates and costly garage parts. 

Teaming Up With Haynes Manuals

Don't worry, you won't be alone! We've teamed up with the renowned Haynes Manuals to bring you the perfect guide, leading you every step of the way through your repair. Members will get access to a growing library of helpful how-to videos to support the completion of more than 2,000 maintenance tasks. Get a quote to receive one for FREE.


MotorEasy's Founder, Duncan McClure Fisher, said: “MotorEasy exists to make member’s car ownership experience less stressful and more financially predictable. This is perfectly complemented by Haynes’ reputation for providing the motorist with invaluable support for over 50 years, helping keep vehicles on the road without spending a fortune on repairs. Together we are able to provide an evolving solution that’s perfect for encouraging basic car maintenance skills and offering experienced mechanics valuable support.”

Booking a Repair

If your repair proves too tricky, no problem! We can take care of that for you. We'll book you into one of our 10,000 network garages across the UK (plus we can collect and return your vehicle from your home or work - for free) all at a trade discounted price.

As Haynes Manuals Managing Director, Jeremy Yates-Round, says: "This collaboration revolutionises the way car enthusiasts can protect themselves against the spiralling cost of expensive repairs and the support of MotorEasy and Haynes makes vehicle maintenance and repair a far less daunting prospect" - all while you get the satisfaction of being able to say you performed the repair yourself!


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