Bonfire Night: Our Guide To The Perfect Evening

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bonfire night

It's that time of year again with Bonfire Night upon us! Due to the pandemic last year many firework dispalys were cancelled so many families will be getting exciting for their annual tradition. Here’s our guide to the perfect bonfire night. From fireworks to food, we’re making your night go off with a bang!


Fireworks Start your night with a bang

Prep Your Bonfire Night Display

Bonfire night parties are the easiest to plan, all you need is good company and impressive fireworks. With many options on the market you can choose from fireworks with the loudest bang or the best display.

You’ll need a bit of outside space and an area for your guests to stand a safe distance away from the action. Most fireworks you purchase these days will come with information on how to set them up and the safety distance required. 

They’re easy to get your hands on, get yourself down to your nearest supermarket or have a look online for the best deals. Don’t forget about the 11pm curfew!


Bonfire Warm up by the fire

Warm Up By The Fire

If setting off fireworks isn’t enough for you, then it’s time to think about building a bonfire. This might be fun but takes a little extra planning to ensure all your guests are safe. If your outdoor space isn’t large enough to create a proper bonfire, a fire pit is a much safer and more practical option. 

Decided to go all out? You need to choose a site that is a safe distance from trees and is not under any overhanging branches. Dig out a shallow it in your turn or sooil, and surround it with large bricks or stones to keep it contained. Stack your logs into a square style and fill the remaining space with newspaper and kindling. Once you’re all set up it’s ready to burn! But keep an eye on it throughout the night, it will need checking up on if it’s going to last a few hours. 


Food and drink Enjoy some sweet treats!

Indulge In Treats

Keeping your guests entertained is easy, but stopping them from getting peckish is another challenge. You need warm hearty food to encourage people to stay outside on this chilly Autumn night.

No firework night is complete without hot dogs and toffee apples. Whether you want to make your own or pick them up from the shops, they’re bound to get your guests in the mood. There’s nothing better than a hot beverage on a cold November night.

Choose from either mulled wine (or orange juice!) or a winter warming cocktail.


Firework Displays

If throwing your own party isn’t your cup of tea, then we’ve listed the best places to head to over the Guy Fawkes period.

In the city:

Alexandra Place, London - 6th November

Set against the panoramic views of London, Ally Pally’s legendary fireworks are bound to give you some excitement this weekend!

Price: Adults £13.50; Children 11-15yrs £10.50; Under 10’s £3.50

In a castle:

Leeds Castle, Kent - 6th & 7th November

It’s the biggest firework display in the South East, with 25,000 starbursts filling the sky.

Price: Adults £23, Children (4-15yrs) £15; Under 4’s Free

On the seafront:

South Shields Seafront - 7th November

There will be two free displays lighting up the sky to a selection of upbeat and optimistic tracks that trended during the pandemic. 

Price: Free 

Along the river:

Poole Quay, Dorest - 5th November

Set along the idyllic Poole Quay, this free display is no better way to spend Bonfire Night! Enjoy a walk around the Saxon town of Wareham and live music.

Price: Free

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