UNVEILED: Who wears the trousers when it comes to car buying?

By: James Ruppert
Woman driving

There is never a shortage of car related news, but we’re excited to know that times are changing in terms of vehicle ownership. Women are buying more cars than ever, which can have all sorts of implications when it comes to buying cars. Back to school is imminent, which means busier roads. So what better time to get tips on better driving from the Institute of Advanced Motorists? We know how important technology is in our lives, but should we be worried by what driver’s search for on Google? Quite possibly. Finally, it’s September, which means a brand new registration plate!

Women are making a mark in the motor industry as they’re now influencing more than 80% of car buying decisions. However, The Britain Under the Bonnet report from Close Brothers Motor Finance suggests that women are still more likely to feel pressured into making a purchase at a dealership than men. One in five women said the dealer put pressure on them to make a decision, compared with one in seven men. However, women are about as likely as men to say they were happy with the price offered, as well as agreeing on the expertise of their dealer and range of stock on offer. Despite all this, women are still more likely to look elsewhere when making a purchase.

Overall, this research revealed that women are less likely to buy a car from a dealership, and would prefer to find a private seller. They’re also more likely to do their own independent research on websites and get advice from their friends and family.


Buyers regardless of their sex, want a vehicle that is practical for all the family. But perhaps, drivers should address their driving skills to make the school run safer and less stressful.

The Institute of Advanced Driving (IAD) RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman, offers excellent school run rush advice. He says 

Make sure any child or booster seats are fit for purpose and correctly secured. Pack some healthy treats to distract the children and keep them engaged, even on a short journey. Teach your children about road safety, so they know the correct way to behave around moving traffic. Ensure you park in a safe place, and walk the last few metres to the school, as that will not only help with congestion, but also teach your children the right way to cross the road, looking left and right.


People often look for driving tips such as these on Google. Research by private reg company click4reg.co.uk has found a large majority of people in Britain rely on the power of Google search when it comes to running their car.

They found that the number one motor vehicle query Brits ask Google is ‘how to jump start a car.’ In fact, 9,900 people in Great Britain type this query into the Google search bar every month.  Oddly, the concept of driving an automatic is baffling, with 3,600 Brits turning to the search bar each month to find out more. Otherwise, ‘how to tax a car’ (4,400), ‘how to get cheap car insurance’ (2,900) and ‘how to SORN a car’ (2,400) are common searches.

Need cheap car insurance? MotorEasy can help with that, get a quote today. If you're like the 4,400 people that google how to tax a car, then we've got a video that can help. 

If you've been considering buying a used car, then September is the time to do it. As new cars are emerging on the market it results in a large number of cars being part exchanged for new ones, and many being returned on lease. Car dealers quickly find themselves with an abundance of used cars at their dealerships which they'll want to shift, usually this means they'll start to offer discounts and great deals. If you want to know more, read through our tips of buying a used car in September. 

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