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By: Motor Easy
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MotorEasy take the hassle out of car ownership, not only by providing products such as warranties, GAP insurance and service plans but also by handling maintenance and repairs at garages local to you - sharing trade discounts to get work done for less.

Trained engineers handle every interaction - whether you need car repairs following a breakdown or simply a routine service. This allows you to get on with your day while enjoying the peace of mind that an expert is overseeing all work being done on your car. The necessity of all work and costs for parts and labour are checked to ensure you get great value in every interaction.


Sharing Car Expertise

Brake pads are a great example of this. Many garages will tell a car owner their brake pads only have a few millimetres left when this actually means there’s still some life left in them. The car owner may be scared into thinking they need new ones long before they do.

Understand your brakes with MotorEasy's brake calculator

The experts at MotorEasy remove this concern by working closely with their network of over 10,000 UK garages to ensure motorists are getting a fair deal. An engineer is assigned to each booking to handle everything from start to finish.


How Will Rebecca Racer Help?

Rebecca Racer (real name Rebecca Jackon) has been sharing tips, advice and reviews for over a decade, and is currently presenting "Modern Wheels or Classic Steals" on DAVE.

Her new and used car reviews for The Telegraph & What Car? are a hit with drivers, providing them with insights into the ownership experience as well as highlighting key features useful to prospective buyers.

As well as reviewing and showcasing everything potential buyers need to know about cars, Rebecca is a passionate consumer champion keen on saving consumers money and making car ownership simple. MotorEasy aligns perfectly with these values, aiming to bring people affordable car ownership with simple products and services that deliver savings in time and hassle. All this allows drivers to focus on the important things in life.

Car ownership doesn't need to be difficult, and Rebecca will help communicate key messages, tips and advice to make it easier.

Rebecca says: “I’m so excited to work with MotorEasy as they provide everything a car owner could need. Having worked in the motor trade for 11 years, I feel strongly about people getting a fair deal and this is exactly what MotorEasy offers.”


"Rebecca is working with us to bring clarity to car ownership, allowing MotorEasy members to focus on the more important things in life."

MotorEasy founder Duncan McClure Fisher said “We’ve got big things happening in 2019 and we’re delighted that Rebecca has come on board. Her experience of key consumer issues, combined with a career as a motoring journalist and presenter, will ensure that we continue our rapid progress as the UK's fastest growing motoring association.

“As a busy entrepreneur, consumer and motorist; Rebecca understands the need to make car ownership and maintenance simple. She’ll be working hard with us to bring greater clarity to the world of motoring, allowing MotorEasy members to focus on the more important things in life.”

If you're interested in hearing more from Rebecca and recieving free tips and advice, simply claim your free MotorEasy account to make car ownership easier.

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