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Being a driver is different today than it was just a few years ago. With more cars on the roads, tougher regulations and even fewer parking spaces, the modern driver has to deal with multiple challenges. If this is your case, there are a few solutions you can use to improve your situation. Smartphones now offer various car driver apps which can make things easier. Regardless of the type of smartphone you have, there should be a few apps you can use right now.


5 Apps For Car Drivers

Traffic, parking, vehicle assistance, car sharing and even apps for worried parents about kids’ driving are now available for download. In theory, they can all help, but in reality, their overwhelming number is often what keeps many drivers from simply choosing and installing them for daily use. It is why the following selection can be a good place to start.


Apps For Car Drivers 1: JustPark

JustPark is an integrated parking app. It is made for UK drivers tired of losing time and spending money on fuel. The idea behind this ingenious app is to actually maximize currently available parking spaces.

So if you are one of the drivers thinking that there are empty lots while you endlessly circle around in the wrong area, the app might be for you. Users can post vacant parking spaces on the app as well. So if you have free parking to rent, it can be the app for you as well. With easy navigation and a system which allows you to find the most affordable solution next to you, it can be a solution for your parking needs, even in a new city. If you need parking frequently, you can get further parking discounts for better savings.

car apps for drivers Just Park Finds Cheap Parking Near You


Apps For Car Drivers 2: Waze

Often called the “Wikipedia of the driver”, Waze is one of the complete and reliable apps for drivers. Regardless if you are driving in your own city or if you are driving in new areas, the app is one of the top solutions for traffic updates.

All users or drivers can add information about traffic jams, accidents or even police presence. It makes the app popular with many drivers which instead of competing against each other for roads less traveled can actually post information on certain busy roads so that other drivers know when and how to avoid them. The app is also updated with certain points of interest such as gas stations, shops, parking spaces, etc.

car apps for drivers Waze Lets Drivers Contribute


Apps For Car Drivers 3: Fuel Flash

With rising gas prices, it’s no wonder that the app is a top choice for UK drivers. It is among the free apps in this class. This means that it is not actually based on a database of gas prices. It actually works with information from users. So you can also input the prices from your local gas stations if you want to contribute.

With a simple interface, it shows all gas stations on a map and you only have to click on a gas station to see its prices for the day. Along with fuel economy driving, the app can help you save money with your daily commute.


car apps for drivers CamerAlert Finds Speed Cameras On Your Route

Apps For Car Drivers 4: CamerAlert

With so many cameras across the country, it can be difficult to drive every day without getting a ticket. The CamerAlert app is made specifically for this issue. It is among the best apps for information on the location of these cameras.

Speed cameras are often the problem when you drive away from your local area as you might not be familiar with their location. If you travel abroad, you might also check the regulation on these types of apps as they are not legal in all countries.


car apps for drivers Spotify Lets You Create The Ultimate Playlist

Apps For Car Drivers 5: Spotify

Enabling you to create your own ultimate driving playlist Spotify is great. You can listen to playlists made by others if you would prefer or add your favourite songs to the queue to personalise your listening. 

You can even listen to podcasts if you don't fancy music.  

There are many other driving apps which can be used in the UK for current or future drivers. Driving Theory Test is a great way to test your knowledge on driving regulation. Specialized niche apps are available as well. For example, NavTruck is one of the leading apps for HGV drivers. It is used for the best roads when you’re an HGV driver and when you need to avoid narrow streets. Some drivers can also benefit from specific apps for their cars.

For example, the BMW app can be synchronized with your car for information such as fuel levels or location while the Volvo app can check if the car is locked. But regardless of your choices and your favourite app, you should always stay safe and avoid using the phone while driving. The good news is that most apps actually inform you of this issue to keep you and other drivers safe on the roads.  


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