How To Clean Your Car Like A Professional

By: Motor Easy
Clean your car like a professional

Pro Tip

If you're pushed for time just clean the wheels, windows and dashboard. 

As long as these are taken care of your car will feel clean.


What do you need to clean your car?

  • Jet washer
  • Wheel cleaning fluid
  • Toothbrush (to clean the wheels)
  • Small paintbrush (to dust around switches)
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Wash mitt
  • Window cloths
  • Auto wax (for the bodywork & windows)
  • Microfibre cloths (for cleaning & drying bodywork)
  • (Optional) Vinyl polish (for tyres & black bumpers)


Car Cleaning Step 1: Remove mud & debris from bodywork

Take your jetwash and carefully spray any surface mud or debris off the bodywork (be sure to include the wheel arches - many people miss this leading to rust!). 

Pro tip: If you’re really keen use tar or glue remover to clean the paintwork at the bottom of the car.


Car Cleaning Step 2: wheels

Spray your wheel cleaner onto the alloys and leave it before using your jet washer to clean them. Use your toothbrush to clean any grooves or hard-to-reach areas - and finish them with your vinyl polish.

Pro tip: Move your car forward slightly to clean the wheels all the way round.


Car Cleaning Step 3: Interior

Start at the driver or passenger door and work your way round the car - leaving all doors and the boot open. Clean the door sills where dirt and muck is often missed.

Vacuum the car interior, including the boot. Remove any mats and vacuum beneath them. Use your small paintbrush to dust around switches and clean the dashboard with a microfibre cloth. 


Car Cleaning Step 4: Windows

Use your window cloths and polish the glass. Start with the drivers window, and clean inside and then outside of each. We advise doing these together in order to see which side of the glass marks are on.





Car Cleaning Step 5: Bodywork

Make your life easy and work from top to bottom - dirty water runs down! Work your way around the car - if it’s a hot day try to clean it in the shade, the cool will stop the water drying too quickly and leaving streaks.

If you haven't got any shade it’s a good idea to clean one side of the car and dry it before doing the other.

Dry your car with the microfibre cloths (they can be soaked in water mixed with car polish, helping the water run off). 

Pro tip: apply an extra layer of car polish monthly or every 6 weeks - this protects the paint and makes it easier to clean in future.


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