Distracted Driving - Keeping Your Eyes On The Road

Distracted Driving - Put Your Phone Away

Being on the phone while driving or performing any task that takes your eyes off the road isn’t just daft, it's very dangerous causing serious accidents and incurring high penalties if you're caught. 


Who does it?

Exchange and Mart, the online classified ad company, which will soon be celebrating its 150th birthday, commissioned a study into the distracted driving phenomenon.

28% of motorists admit to using their phone while driving - making them four times more likely to be involved in an accident. Not only that, Exchange and Mart pointed out that using a mobile device while driving isn't just dangerous, it's illegal. It could result in an automatic fixed penalty notice - three penalty points and a fine of £60. Should the case go to court, you may face disqualification or hitting the top of a maximum £1,000 fine.

Read the full findings here


Why do people do it?

The reason why so many of us are being caught on the phone when we shouldn’t be is the, Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). This modern phenomenon keeps people glued to their phones and mobile devices, in case they miss something on social media or don’t reply to calls and messages fast enough. This is the most logical explanation as to why almost 1 in 3 motorists ignore the law and continue to use their devices while driving. Even so, on the subject of ‘device driving’, almost 70% of people questioned still believed that the current penalties are right for those who are caught.


What are people looking at?

Apparently the most common reason for using a phone is quite simply the act of making or receiving a call, at a whopping (31%). Next up is Google Maps because so many of us now rely on our phones to find our way. After that it's the old-fashioned skill of texting. After that reading what else people do on their phones becomes almost inexplicable, whether it is surfing the Internet, playing music, or checking social media.

So don’t do it, or at the very least sign up to a service like DriveAngel.co.uk which will stop you driving distractedly and keep you safe.


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