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Save 40% on an annual service or multi-year service plan

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Choose from a one-off service or save even more with a 24 or 36 month service plan

Save 40% or more on main dealer pricing

Bundle an MOT for added convenience

Flexible payment plans to suit your budget

Why get a MotorEasy service plan?

Keep more of your money for those things that make you feel great!

  • No price rises - the cost of your plan is fixed for its duration
  • You're in control - you decide if you want to pay in full, spread the cost on a monthly basis, plus you can cancel at any time
  • You save more - you can keep more of your money in your pocket!
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What can a MotorEasy car service offer you?

  • We find the best local garage for you
  • We can collect and deliver your car back to you
  • We deal directly with the garage, to save you time
  • We report any issues for your approval of work
  • We provide you with a digital service record
  • You get a FREE online account to store all your documents in

Our servicing ensures all essential service checks are covered and only manufacturer grade parts, fluids and oils are used during your service. Should you need a repair during your service, we'll pass on our discounted pricing.

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Why Choose a Service Plan?

A MotorEasy service plan is best way to save and budget on the cost of servicing. It’s cheaper than purchasing separate annual services and you’ll also beat inflation, by locking-in today’s prices over a 2 or 3-year plan.

You can spread costs into easy monthly payments. You can also cancel at any time should you change your mind.

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Beat inflation, locking in today’s prices

Spread costs into monthly payments

Cheaper than buying separate services

Why should I get my car serviced?

While an MOT is a legal requirement, a service goes further, ensuring your car is running at peak performance. It helps avoid nasty surprises by identifying minor problems before they become costly.

Other reasons to service your car:

  • Servicing prolongs your engine’s health and lifespan, ensuring components are lubricated and free of particles that might damage your vehicle
  • Servicing identifies safety issues including brakes, tyres, suspension and more
  • Servicing helps your car run more efficiently, preserving miles per gallon (MPG)
  • Adhering to manufacturer servicing schedules will maintain your vehicle’s warranty
  • Servicing protects your car’s value and preserves its full service history (FSH)

What can our servicing offer you?

Our services are designed to save you money, while following guidelines for your vehicle make, model and age. We only use recommended fluids and oils as well as original manufacturer parts or their equivalent.

Should a repair be identified during you service, we’ll help you secure a fix there and then or, if needed, will help you find a specialist workshop. Whichever case, we’ll aim to pass on our discounted pricing while securing a quality and high value solution.

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Car Servicing and Service Plan FAQs

Answers to common service and service plan questions

A service plan allows you to budget for your regular car servicing as well as bundle in any required MOT tests for further cost savings and convenience.

With MotorEasy, you can choose either a 24 or 36-month service plan. If your vehicle requires an MOT during that time, we will give you the option to include an MOT.

Our charges are extremely competitive and will save you around 40% compared to dealer prices. If you’re buying a service plan, you will also benefit from the opportunity to lock in ”today’s price” on any parts used, helping you to beat inflation in the longrun.

No, these can be taken separately but it is commonsense to have them together because a lot of the checks undertaken are duplicated and it will save time, money and hassle to have them at the same time.

If your vehicle is less than 3-years old, we will NOT recommend an MOT as part of your plan. If your vehicle passes its third birthday during your service plan, we will give you the option to include an MOT at the relevant point.

If you drive more than 12k miles a year and are likely to need more than 1 service/year, you can contact our Servicing and Repairs team on 0800 131 0001 to arrange a plan with increased serving intervals to suit your needs.

We will cover the cost of the retest as long as any corrective work is undertaken at the original garage.

We have a nationwide network of 10,000 preferred garages representing approximately half of all the garage servicing outlets in the UK. There is bound to be one near you ensuring the maximum convenience. Many of our garages will collect and return your car for servicing.

Yes, you can cancel subject to settlement of any outstanding charges and an administration fee that will vary according to how many services you have had at that point and the number payments made.

If you contact our Servicing and Repairs team on 0800 131 0001, we will be able to assist you in cancelling your service plan or transferring the balance to a new vehicle. Please note, depending on your payments and the number of services you have had at that point, there may be a requirement to settle any outstanding charges.

Payments are interest free. Service Plans are available for a 2-year (24 months) or 3 year (36 month) period, the first instalment will depend on how far away your first service booking is. Subsequent payments will be equally split across the remaining months of the plan duration.

In most situations we will be funding work in advance of payment. Where funds are held by us, they will be in a protected client account.