Stop Your Car Being Stolen In 5 Simple Steps

By: Motor Easy
motoreasy guides - prevent car theft in 5 simple steps

Car theft prevention is better than cure. A few simple steps can keep your car from being pinched.

Keep hold of the keys

Modern cars are all about the keys; it is impossible to steal a car without them. So make sure that you use them to lock the car at all times. Even if it is outside your house or somewhere you feel is safe. Also, when it comes to keeping the keys in your house, don’t put them in a bowl by front door, that again makes it all too easy for any burglar who suddenly has a quicker way to escape the scene of the crime.


Park intelligently

The first part is to choose a well-lit area, especially if the car is being left when it is dark. It also helps if you are parked adjacent to a pavement to turn the wheels towards the kerb and put the car in gear. This makes it much harder to tow the vehicle away (yes it happens!). 


Steering Lock

Yes, all cars have steering locks fitted as standard and have done for some time. However,  a high-quality steering lock is a massive visual deterrent. Car thieves want an easy life, so an extra five to ten minutes dealing with a big steering lock is not what they want to be wrestling with. They will move on to easier pickings.


Mark your parts

Car thieves are not just interested in your vehicle, they can resell all of the parts. What you need to do is mark them. This can be done with a UV pen, which is cheap to buy. A sticker on the window can alert the thief that this has been done. Write on the inside of as many body panels and engine parts as you can. Also, permanent deterrents are etched windows either with the registration or a traceable reference number. Again, it means more potential hassle for the thief and if they know it has been done they should move on to a less well-protected vehicle.


Take pictures

If the worst should happen and your car goes missing, this may be the time that you regret not paying for an electronic tracking device. However, having a visual record of all the unique elements of your car, be they dents or modifications could help to get it swiftly recovered.

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