MotorEasy to sponsor the UK's rarest cars display, at the Silverstone Festival

By: Motor Easy

The Silverstone Festival is returning this August Bank Holiday weekend, with its family-friendly mix of historic motorsports, a food festival and live music from top acts.

In celebration of the racing circuit’s 75th anniversary, this year’s event will feature an electrifying array of racing action from past to present, including Formula 1 cars, NASCARs and a parade of iconic GP classics, from Aston Martins and Maseratis to Ferraris and Scarabs.

The thrilling weekend of all-day racing, will see over 100 car clubs rub shoulders with cooking demonstrations from top chefs and an artisan market for foodies. The grand finale of the event will be an unforgettable live music spectacle with performances from ABC, McFly, The Christians, and Sugababes.

Meet Team MotorEasy

Alongside the heart-pounding on and off-track action, MotorEasy will be in attendance as official sponsors of a unique display featuring some of the UK’s rarest, but once, everyday cars.

The captivating collection, meticulously curated by the Daily Telegraph’s Motoring team, Paul Hudson and Andrew Roberts, will feature 25 models dating primarily from the 1970s to the 1990s.

Classic icons include an eye-catching bright green Hillman Hunter GLS and a Signal Amber Ford Cortina Mk1. Other nostalgic, once familar favourites, including the Austin Allegro, Citroën BX, and Ford Sierra have drastically diminished in numbers, falling victim to scrappage schemes, rust, or neglect. 

The Display aims to honour disappearing gems, reigniting fond memories of the past. All 25 cars will be proudly exhibited throughout the festival weekend. Plus, on Saturday, you can witness a special track parade, as they take to the circuit alongside a captivating car club cavalcade procession. 

Celebrating the ordinary, yet unique

The Telegraph UK Rarest Car Display traces back to 2018, when Motoring Editor, Paul Hudson, and his contributor, Andrew Roberts, discussed the disappearance of certain beloved car models from our roads. The conversation gave birth to a series of articles under 'The UK's Rarest Cars' banner, followed by a successful display at Silverstone in 2021. 

Curator Andrew Roberts expressed his delight at being invited back to Silverstone and highlighted the diverse line-up of cars, "from the velour-upholstered elegance of the Toyota Crown saloon and Vauxhall Royale, evoking the early 1980s 'executive' lifestyle, to the more common yet nostalgic Morris Ital and Ford Sierra, once a ubiquitous sight on the streets, each car has its unique tale to tell."

"Some models, like the early Peugeot 205 and Fiat Uno, played a transformative role in redefining entire market sectors. Others, while lesser known, still carry stories of their manufacturers, commercial success (or lack thereof), and the motivations behind their owners' purchases."

Commenting on the rarest car exhibit, Duncan McClure Fisher, CEO of MotorEasy said, "We are all huge car fans at MotorEasy and are excited to see the vehicles selected by the Telegraph this year. We are equally thrilled to be attending the event, where we plan to showcase our Digital Garage. The free to use Garage enables car owners to manage all their vehicle needs in one place, including storing documents, building vehicle service history, receiving reminders on important dates like MOT and Tax renewals, as well as access savings on motoring products and services."

The Telegraph UK Rarest Car Display has earned a special place in many family histories. Today, these cars are rarer sights than many expensive marques at Silverstone Festival. As the owner of an extraordinary Lancia rightly put it, "Anyone can have a Ferrari, Maserati, or Lamborghini with money. But having a UK-registered, right-hand-drive Trevi automatic is one-of-a-kind because there's only one, and it's mine."

You can find the Telegraph UK Rarest Car Display at the heart of the event, in Blue Zone 6 at Silverstone from 25th to 27th August 2023. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to revel in automotive history and experience a weekend like no other!

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