Manufacturers with the Longest Warranties

Here at MotorEasy, we’re big on warranties for new and used vehicles. So let’s take a look at some of the longest manufacturer warranties and what they offer...

The longest manufacturer warranties available at the moment are generally 7 years long, but always make sure to read the fine print because the level of cover at the start is not always the same towards the end of the warranty period. This is where MotorEasy come in, offering extended warranties that include things that manufacturer warranties don’t, like wear and tear.

The good thing is, manufacturer warranties belong to the car, not the owner, so if you’re buying a used car that’s under seven years old, you can still benefit from some manufacturers’ warranties. This also helps with resale value if you buy a new car and decide to part with it before the warranty period expires. 



Kia currently offers the longest standard manufacturer warranty on the market at 7 years or 100,000 miles (whichever comes first). Their warranty doesn’t require servicing at a Kia main dealer but wear and tear is not covered. New components are covered for unlimited mileage for the first 36 months and then covered up to 100,000 miles thereafter. Original audio and navigation units are covered for 36 months or 60,000 miles. Once the 7 years is up, there’s no option to extend the warranty with Kia, however MotorEasy offers extended Kia warranties.  




Hyundai has a 5 year, unlimited mileage warranty period. This doesn’t cover wear and tear but servicing at an independent garage will not void the warranty as long as parts are approved Hyundai parts or of an equivalent quality to genuine Hyundai parts. There’s no extended warranty options with Hyundai, so it's worthtaking out a MotorEasy extended Hyundai warranty, that covers wear and tear and air conditioning issues (which are only covered for the first 6 months of the manufacturer warranty).




The standard Mitsubishi warranty starts at 5 years or 62,500 miles. A mileage extension warranty can be purchased from Mitsubishi from between £250 to £450 depending on the model, covering the vehicle up to 125,000 within the first 5 years. Mitsubishi also offers 12 month extended warranties as long as the car is no older than 10 years and has fewer than 125,000 miles. MotorEasy’s extended Mitsubishi warranty is valid for 12, 24, or 36 months on vehicles with up to 120,000 miles that are under 12 years old. 




The Renault warranty scheme has changed over the last few years so vehicles registered from 1 February 2018 to 17 December 2019 have 3 year or 60,000 mile warranties. Whereas, vehicles registered between 18 December 2019 and 31 December 2022 have 5 year warranties, covering up to 100,000 miles. From 1 January 2023, the warranty period has reverted to 3 years or 60,000 miles. If you need a little longer on your warranty period, MotorEasy also offers extended Renault warranties




Toyota vehicles registered before 1 June 2021 received a 5 year or 100,000 mile warranty and vehicles registered after 1 June 2021 come with a 3 year or 60,000 mile warranty as standard. The Toyota warranty scheme can extend to 10 years. If the vehicle is serviced with a Toyota dealer the vehicle then qualifies for a free 12 month or 10,000 mile warranty period. However, serving with a main dealer can be more expensive, so MotorEasy has a range of extended Toyota warranties that allow you to choose the right cover for your vehicle. 




As Lexus is owned by Toyota, the two brands have similar warranty conditions. All Lexus models come with a 3 year or 60,000 mile warranty. This can be extended by 12 months or 10,000 miles, until the vehicle is 10 years old or has 100,000 miles, if servicing is completed within the Lexus main dealer network. Used cars purchased from a Lexus dealer also come with a 12 month warranty if the original manufacturer's warranty has expired. A MotorEasy extended Lexus warranty can last for up to three years and unlike the manufacturer, covers wear and tear. 



In the UK Subaru warranties cover the vehicle for 3 years or up to 60,000 miles. To avoid invalidating the warranty, cars can be serviced with any garage that uses approved Subaru parts. The manufacturer’s warranty also includes a 3 year recovery and assistance programme that can be used in the UK and Europe. MotorEasy extended Subaru warranties add overheating failures, air conditioning issues and wear and tear on top of all the same things the manufacturer offers in its extended warranty. 

If you’re unsure what warranty cover to choose for your car, take a look at our Car Warranty page for more information on all MotorEasy warranties. 



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