Where To Buy A Used Car - Which Used Car Sellers Can You Trust?

By: Motor Easy
Where to buy a used car Pay more at a specialist, with confidence

Buying used cars - which sellers can you trust?

Buying a used car is all about trust. There are so many places that you can go to and people you can meet in the car buying process, which is going to be safest? Well, here are the pros and cons of whichever method you choose to make your next used car buy.


A few things you need to know about…

Used car buyers motoreasy Pay less, but with more risk

Private Sellers

- There’s no warranty (we can help with that). However they may have the balance of a manufacturer one, or an independent one they bought, or one that applies to parts they bought, be it tyres/battery/alternator, so ask.

- There’s no comeback if you have a problem, provided they haven’t misled you, or sold an unroadworthy car. Make sure you get a car history check to make sure you haven't just bought one of them.

- They might well be someone regularly selling cars for cash in hand and not a word to the taxman making them car dealers with responsibilities or warranties.

+ Expect to pay less


where to buy a used car Independent dealers offer security and value

The Independent Dealer

- This is just another used car to them.

+ They will offer a warranty, but check what it actually covers.

+ Their stock will be spring cleaned, serviced and MOT’d before sale.

+ Will part exchange your old car.


A few things you need to know about…

Specialist Dealer (usually only sell sports cars or one marque)

- You will pay more. They should have the best examples in decent condition.

Car should be perfect and on the button with a complete history.


A few things you need to know about…

where to buy a used car - main dealer Main dealers offer confidence at a price

Main Dealer

- You will pay more for the car because they have big, big overheads.

+ They should have a decent warranty, but only on specific vehicles and they rarely stock older (over 4 years old) cars.

+ Often, at least a no quibble 30-day return.

+ Will part exchange your old car.


A few things you need to know about… 

Car Supermarket

+ They have loads of cars to choose from which is good.

- Windscreen prices plus an admin fee and usually non-negotiable.

- Some cars are direct from company fleet/auction and can be scruffy.

- You need to offset asking price against refurbishment, service, valet.


A few things you need to know about…


Car Auction

- Fees. The Hammer price is not the same once all the fees have been tagged on.

- You can’t drive the cars.

- You can’t look inside until the last minute.

- Things happen really, really fast.

+ Might get a bargain. (Might not.)

Not for the novice, or the purist for that matter.

If you're looking for a bargain at auction you may want to read our article on it.


When you buy any new car make sure you get a history check to make sure you aren't buying a car that is stolen or in an unroadworthy condition. 

For more information on your rights when buying a used car visit the Citizen's Advice page

Remember, if you are buying a used car our extended warranty offers peace of mind against repairs.

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