Is your car festival ready?

Is your car festival ready?

If you’re one of the lucky ones who managed to bag a ticket to Glastonbury, you might be waking-up to the reality of how to get there. With train strikes threatening to wipe out journey by rail, here are our top tips to help you get there. 
We can’t guarantee your trip will be stress-free – all roads to Glasto are bound to be nose to tail in traffic. But, with our recommended festival playlist at the ready, we hope you’ll be entertained on route.

Check your tyres 

Make sure your tyres are set to the correct manufacturer-recommended pressures and that your tread is at the legal limit of 1.6mm. Under-inflated tyres can increase fuel consumption by as much as 3%! If you notice any worn tyres, make sure you replace them before your journey. Compare thousands of tyre prices at hundreds of local fitters with MotorEasy Tyres.

Check your fluids 

Before you set off you should check your oil level, windscreen wash and engine coolant. Not sure which oil to choose? Read our guide here.

Tidy your interior

You are bound to have lots of stuff and also a full car if you’re car sharing, so make sure it is clean and tidy before you set off! It’s handy to have a torch, blanket and reflective clothing in your car, should the worst happen. If you need to buy these then head to a Halfords store and get 10% off using your voucher.  

Share the drive 

Your drive may be a long one and if you hit the festival traffic you could unfortunately be in your car for hours. Why not share the drive with your friends? Get temporary insurance so that you are both covered, cover starts from as little as £8.99 for 1 hour.  

Wear comfortable shoes 

Hopefully wellies won’t be needed at this year’s festival, but you never know with the unpredictable British weather. Wellies won't be the safest driving shoe to opt for, as Rule 97 of the Highway Code states that ‘You should ensure clothing and footwear do not prevent you using the controls in the correct manner.’ 

Don’t over pack  

You’ve already taken out what you don’t need so make sure you’re not overpacking and bringing unnecessary items. With the rising fuel costs an overloaded car can put strain on your vehicle, even opening the windows can increase drag. When filling up the car start with the heavy stuff first and then you can move onto the lighter stuff. Once everything is in the car, check to see if you can see out of all your mirrors. If your view is not blocked, then you’re ready to go!  

Check the route!

Use map apps such as Waze to get you the most efficient way to the festival destination. It is likely to be busy on the roads so prepare to be stuck in traffic. Some festival postcodes won’t take you to the direct location so remember to follow the festival road signs once nearby. Don’t forget your pre bought parking ticket! Also, make sure to charge your phones on the journey there – you don't want a dead phone before the festival begins! 

Take snacks and water  

Remember snacks and water for the car journey and for the queues. The weather is warming up, so hydration is key! 

Perfect soundtrack 

Finally, you need the perfect soundtrack to accompany your journey, download our festival playlist to get you in the mood! 
Remember to bring all your belongings home with you and lastly, have fun! 


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