8 Driving Laws You Didn’t Know Existed

By: Georgina Bradford
8 driving laws you did't know existed

How well do you know the laws of the road? These 8 driving laws may surprise you and make you second guess whilst out on the roads.

Paying with your phone at a drive through restaurant

Apple, Google or Samsung Pay might seem like the easiest option to pay for your takeaways, but it could soon become very costly. Due to stricter laws, you could be faced with a maximum £1,000 fine and six penalty points if you use your phone to pay whilst your engine is running.

Splashing pedestrians on purpose

Believe it or not, this offence could land you 3 penalty points on your licence. Not only is it inconsiderate and unpleasant for the pedestrian, but it is also deemed as ’driving without reasonable consideration for other persons’, and could land you with a fine of anything from £100 - £5,000.

Beeping your horn when angry

We’ve all been there, our fellow drivers get on our nerves a little bit too much and experience road rage. But next time your temper rises, it’s best to refrain from beeping your horn , as if you’re caught beeping your horn in stationary traffic for any other reason than alerting them of your presence you could receive a £30 fine.

Warning drivers of a speed trap

Whilst you think you might be being helpful warning drivers of a lurking speed camera ahead, if you’re caught flashing at approaching drivers you could attract a £1,000 penalty for obstructing law enforcement in their efforts to tackle crime.

Playing aggressively loud music

Listening to music whilst driving is a great way to pass the time and doing this alone won’t be breaking the law. However if your music is too loud, you could find yourself with a £100 fine, as excessively loud music could be classed as a distraction and therefore pose a safety threat.

Using your phone as a sat nav in an unfixed position

Many of us now use our phones to navigate our journeys, but if your phone is not fixed to your windscreen, or obstructs your vision whilst driving, you will receive six points on your licence and a £200 fine, if caught. This is due to a recent law change cracking down on phone driving offences.

Having a dirty number plate

It’s unavoidable our cars will get dirty whilst on the road, but it’s important to keep your number plates clean (and the rest of your car of course!), as registration plates which are near impossible to read can incur a £1,000 fine.

Hogging the middle lane of the motorway

Drivers who hog the middle lane aren’t just a nuisance for the rest of us motorists, they’re also carrying out an inconsiderate act that defies Highway Code. Offenders can be given a £100 fine and three penalty points.

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