Our Guide to Bodywork Repairs

Our guide to bodywork repairs

Scratching your car’s bodywork, or scuffing an alloy wheel, is one of those excruciating moments that can seriously ruin a day. It's a pain to fix, and leaves you wincing every time you cast eyes on your blemished pride and joy. 
Car bodywork repairs are one of our most commonly reported issues, so we’ve pulled together a brief guide to help you decide on your options. 

Mobile Bodywork Repairs

Mobile repairs are a growing feature of the car bodywork market. The benefits are obvious, waiting for a repairer from the comfort of your home certainly beats sipping coffee and rifling through magazines in a workshop waiting room. 
Dent Wizard (DWV), our preferred partner, provide mobile cosmetic paint repairs (often referred to as SMART repairs), alloy wheel refurbishment, and paintless dent removals (PDR). They’ll come to a place of your choosing – home or work – and all their work is guaranteed for 2-years. 
What’s more, if you login or sign-up to MotorEasy, you can claim a 10% discount on DWV repairs. You’ll find them in the Maintain section of your MotorEasy dashboard page and they will give you a free quote.


After a cosmetic repair Before PDR done by DWV mobile repairs
Before a cosmetic repair After PDR done by DWV mobile repairs

DIY Bodywork Repairs

If you’re feeling brave, or you’re a bit of a dab hand mechanic, you might want to attempt the repairs yourself.  
For a small dent on your vehicle, one trick is to use a plunger and a pot of hot water. Pour the water over the dented surface, then press the plunger over the indented area and pull it straight out. Repeat until the dent is gone. Note, this may not work if your dent covers more than one panel or crosses a curved area. 
For a scratch repair, a bottle of T-cut can work wonders on smaller scratches and swirl marks. T-cut comes in many colours, so you should find one that matches your car. 


A Note of Caution

While DIY repairs can be a great way to save money, they can run the risk of causing more damage than there was before. Be warned, MotorEasy can take no responsibility if things don’t turn out as expected. Repairs also get more complicated when rust is involved. Rust can also go unnoticed, appearing invisible or hidden behind a panel. In these instances, it’s best to defer to someone with specialist garage equipment.


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