Handy Hacks To Discover In Your Free MotorEasy Account Area

By: Amy Brown
Handy Hacks To Discover In Your Free MotorEasy Account Area

Being a MotorEasy member brings many unique benefits, but are you aware of them? We’ve compiled a handy list of useful features that your free MotorEasy account area brings. Just simply log in to your account and take a look at all the features there are to discover!

Car Logbook

Your car’s logbook is an important part of your account area. It is essentially your car’s digital passport containing your workshop history, MOT history, your documents and recall information. Your workshop history includes all the important details such as your service report, repair report and health check report. Your MOT history is extremely useful if you bought your car off a previous owner so you can see your vehicle’s previous MOT’s. Next you’ve got the ability to edit and update your car’s mileage so you can easily access the correct plan for your car. 

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Your MotorEasy account area will inform you of any outstanding recalls on your vehicle, it will inform you with a description of the issue, the code and the date. You may remember the 2009 Toyota scandal where accelerator pedals mysteriously began to get stuck which unfortunately caused many vehicles to tragically crash. In the U.S this led to 5.2 million Toyota vehicles recalled for pedal entrapment and in addition to this 181,000 were recalled in Britain. Thankfully most recalls are not as serious as this one was but this is a reminder to make sure you check if your vehicle has any outstanding recalls in your logbook area. If you do have any, you will need to contact a main dealer where they will repair the problem for free. Keep your car and yourself safe!

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Free Reminders

Make sure your car’s details are all up to date by setting the due date of your next MOT, Service and Road Tax. You will be sent reminders so you never miss these key dates. Book your MOT and Service now and save up to 40% cheaper than main dealers.


Buy and sell 

Thinking of treating yourself to a new car? Then you can sell your car through our partner Motorway, just click ‘sell your car fast’ to find the best deal! Visit here to find out more information. However, if you need to buy a car we have a great selection of options from our partner Buyacar.



Now you may think that's enough benefits but it doesn’t stop there! Under the vouchers section in your account, you can check out our selection of marketplace offers on MotorEasy products, days out vouchers and other motoring offers. The variety of different offers are there to save you money, so you can spend it on the things you love!


Refer a friend and claim an Amazon Voucher

Finally, as you are now aware of how great it is to be a MotorEasy member, why don’t you share that with your friends? If you fancy recommending MotorEasy to a friend or family member then you could treat yourself and them to an Amazon Voucher! All that’s required is a simple voucher code, ‘RAF10’, which should be quoted at checkout. It's easy - make sure during the signup process they quote your name and registration number so we can get the Amazon voucher over to you. Click ‘CLAIM YOURS NOW!’ in your account area to save you both time and money! Find out more information here. Log in to your account now to discover all the amazing benefits for yourself!


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