A More Affordable Car From McLaren

By: Motor Easy
mclaren p1 electric racing car

The latest addition to the McLaren test driving team, Leo (aged 4 & three-quarters) recently took the first 100% electric P1 around the Goodwood circuit, to put it through its paces before its general release. 

The car comes with a brilliant sound system (MP3 player), a reverse gear, in addition to its three-speed forward transmission. Easily started with a stop/start button, this P1 hit its maximum speed in 2 seconds (a wild 3mph). 

Watch Leo hit the track below. 

So, if you're stumped for a present this year (and Santa is feeling generous in your household!) visit McLaren's website. Retailing at £375, it's a snip when compared to the full scale P1's £1million-plus pricetag!

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