FreeCarMag 44 - Cars, Tina, Bobby & Ben

By: James Ruppert
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Car reviews, news and culture in FCM 44

Our latest installment of FreeCarMag brings with it everything you ever wanted to know about police cars. Let's face it, we're all interested in reading about unusual and interesting cop cars - from around the world, in the past and what can you buy on the used car market?

Those of a certain age will remember the days where Tina & Bobby Moore dominated the headlines. Well, this new ITV drama will be right up your street. Featuring Michelle Keegan & Patsy Kensit, this brings a touch of 60's elegance to a whole new generation - and some fantastic cars!


There's also something in here for those of us who love an action packed Boston gangster flick. Ben Affleck directs & stars as a WWI veteran turned gangster who's really not bad enough for the career path he's chosen. Watch the trailer below.

car repairs, servicing and maintenance news from motoreasy James Ruppert, FCM editor

James Ruppert, the award-winning editor of Free Car Mag, has a long history in the automotive industry with over three decades of experience as a motoring journalist. Having previously been a car dealer, he has published many books, with "Bangernomics" being his most famous.

You may have seen James on a couple of BBC documentaries about the British & German car making industries over the years, so it's safe to say James certainly knows a thing or two about cars.

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