MotorEasy Reviews - 5 Used Vauxhalls To Bear In Mind

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Known as a working class car brand, Vauxhalls are synonymous with reliability, practicality and even fun if you can find the increasingly valuable VX220. Otherwise, it is hard to go wrong with a Corsa, Astra, Zafira or Insignia.

We've done the legwork for you and compiled a brief rundown of the top Vauxhalls you can get for your money, along with some guidance on what you can expect with each car. If you're looking for more models, visit Auto Trader or any other similar websites

"Synonymous with reliability, practicality and just a little bit of fun"

vauxhall astra used car warranty What more could you ask for from this family car

Best Used Family Hatchback - Astra

Easy to live with and very good value, plus there is loads of space, what else does a small family car buyer need? Economy perhaps, so the 1.7 Dti delivers a useful 58.9 mpg. The great news is that there are millions of used examples to choose from. Generally reliable, most owner complaints concern electrical issues such as emission control sensors, seatbelt warning lights and power windows. Petrol engines are generally reliable provided the 40K timing belt change is kept to (ask us for assistance with this if required). Diesels engines that drink a lot of oil can show their age by smoking and rattling.

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vauxhall insignia used car warranty Fancy an upgrade from your Vectra?

Best Used Family Car - Insignia

You could easily mistake the Insignia for a mid size Lexus both inside and out. It is smart, well finished and several classes apart from the dated old Vectra. Yes it is comfortable, spacious and economical with a great range of engines, the diesel returning up to 49mpg. As it is a mass market Vauxhall designed for companies, used examples depreciate massively; making it brilliant value for money to used car buyers. However there can be electrical issues with the indicators going on the blink and the dashboard information display may need replacing. The engine ECU may cause starting and running problems - get a computer diagnosis before you buy (we can help with this).

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Best Used People Carrier - Zafira

A versatile seven seat cabin that is suitably spacious got even better with the revised model in 2005. Well finished inside, the rearmost seats fold flat into the boot floor and the middle row folds in half to slide up against the front seats - giving you plenty of room. Early models are quite basic with the Comfort specification, so the Elegance model is the better buy for kit. When folding the seats, check the slide latches on the middle row bench as it is prone to failure. Other top tips - check the spare wheel still sits underneath the rear of the car and for water leaks into the front of the cabin.

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vauxhall corsa used car warranty Affordable, practical and easy to run

Best Used Small Hatchback - Corsa

A smart looking little car that is affordable, practical and easy to run. Those are the core reasons for anyone buying a Corsa. A bonus is the fantastic little petrol engines, which cleverly combine performance and economy. Around town the light steering means that parking is really easy and at speed on a motorway it isn’t half-bad. Good value brand new, used they are the pick of the small car bunch for budget buyers. Reliable, but check the service history for the 40K mile cam belt change which can cause a headache. Further frequent issues include sticky clutches and rusty brake discs - if unsure remember you can always ask us for a healthcheck

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vauxhall used car warranty Gone in flash

Best Used Sportscar - VX220

The 2.0 litre turbocharged unit tugs the lightweight body along so that it gets to 60mph in less than 5 seconds. The gearbox is well matched too, being usefully slick and helping to power along the car whether it is tackling twisty country lanes or even cruising on the motorway. Even so, you will still get around 30 mpg overall which is pretty good for a vehicle which delivers almost supercar levels of handling and performance. Fixing body damage is expensive and it is important to check that this isn’t a track day car that’s been written off, look for uneven tyre wear, suspension clonks and evidence of repainting.

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