The Love Interests Of British Motorists In Our Wall Of Love 2023

By: Georgina Shaba

When it comes to sharing the love, a picture is worth a thousand words. Valentine's Day doesn't always have to be marked with chocolate and roses. So, after the success of last year, we once again ran our MotorEasy "Wall of Love" competition. With the chance to win a spa getaway for two, MotorEasy members sent us their photos in droves, transforming our wall into an ode to the many and varied things that touch the hearts of the public. 

Continue reading to see the winning shot and the other pictures we also loved.  

View the MotorEasy 2023 Wall of Love Competition, here

Aspects of love 

To mix metaphors, food both feeds the soul and is a way to the heart! Whether it be cocktails, cake, afternoon tea, or a tasty Sunday roast.


Children and family scenes followed, both at home and on holiday, with a variety of well-known locations prominently featured, including the South of France, Croatia, the USA and the heart of the UK, London. 

A Person’s Best Friend 

Given we're a nation of animal lovers, it was no surprisie to see pets topping the list of "most sent" pictures. It shows how cherished they are by both British families and individuals. Here are some of the entries featuring beloved animal companions. 

Competition Winner!

We couldn't help but fall in love with the wide variety of photos that captured children and babies, captureed in a special moment of time. Choosing the overall winner proved to be a real challenge, but we hope you'll agree this image from Annette proved a deserved winner. It's caption: "Love this little pumpkin" won our hearts.

Annette, we hope you have a great day at the spa!  

You can still view all the entries here

Thanks to everyone who entered, we thoroughly loved seeing all your favourite photos.  
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