New Year New You - Motoring Resolutions For 2017

By: Motor Easy
Ditch the satnav this new year

Now that 2017's underway, it's the perfect time to make some motoring resolutions & make your life easier.

Often it won’t even cost you a penny. Just a change in attitude & a few small habits can make a big difference.

1. Go on a journey without that screen suckered to the windscreen

Relearn the joys of actually planning a journey and knowing where you are going. One day that plastic box might go on the blink and where will you be? Lost. So make a resolution today to dig those old maps out and remember to keep one in the car from now on.


2. Ride a bike in 2017

It will do you the world of good to go out on two wheels again. The thing is whether it is a push bike, or one with an engine, you'll soon remember what it was like to be vulnerable. On a bike you also realise that you have to think and plan ahead if you are going to share the road space with those pesky cars. Which means when you get back into the driving seat you will be more understanding about the needs of those pesky bikers.


3. Read the Highway Code

We don’t know what your reading matter usually is, but we would recommend that you brush up on the Highway Code. It is probably many years since you last bothered to learn what was in it. Too lazy to do that? You can also go online and do some tick box tests which really are incredibly useful. You will learn so much. Just Google ‘mock theory tests’ and enjoy. Really.


4. Clean your car every week

Cleanliness is good for the soul, and it's brilliant for your car. Not only is it great exercise, burning loads of calories, you will learn so much about the condition of your car. A slow puncture, oil leaks, damage from the supermarket car park. Yes, it might be a bit upsetting sometimes, but it will mostly help you to keep on top of just what condition your car is really in and catch problems early.


5. Go for a drive, just for fun

You may not have done this since you were a teen with a freshly minted licence, but it's the most liberating thing you will ever do. Don’t do it during rush hour, but first thing in the morning on a weekend would be perfect to reconnect with the sheer joy of having no particular destination.


6. Use your motoreasy account

No need to go hunting for all your documents - simply store them on your motoreasy account for access to them whenever you need them. We'll even help you add a few for your vehicle!


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