How to claim your free Haynes Manual

By: Saoirse McClure Fisher

MotorEasy and Haynes partnered up a few years ago, in order to provide our members the world’s first ‘Parts Only Car Warranty’.

Starting as little as £175 a year, a comprehensive Parts Only Warranty also gives you access to a free Haynes Manual worth £20 for your vehicle.

The parts cover enables you to source the replacement part(s), and arrange the most convenient delivery time and location. Alternatively, one of our engineers can assist you.

Then using your FREE Haynes Manual, you can follow step by step instructions, as well as have access to exclusive videos, photos and diagrams to help you to diagnose faults and carry out routine repairs and maintenance.

Selected partner offers in your MotorEasy account

Sounds like a bit of you? Get a car warranty quote today to claim your manual.

Once you’ve got a quote log into your MotorEasy member account, and head to the marketplace, from the top navigation.

Then in ‘Selected partner offers’ click on ‘CLAIM YOURS NOW’ for the steps to recieve your free Haynes Manual.


How to claim your free manual

It’ll then take you down to this page, where you can generate the code and claim your free manual!


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