The Perfect 2017 Driving Holiday

By: Motor Easy
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The Pacific Coast Highway in California is one of the World’s greatest driving roads. If you plan just one road trip in 2017, make sure it is this one.

It is a fabulous route with incredible scenery and fascinating stop-offs there is no other road like this. California State Route 1 was built in 1934 and took 15 years to complete. This road is almost 550 miles long running through most of California’s undulating coastline.

Ideally, you should aim to drive the route from north to south. That means you will be on the ocean side of the road the whole way with great views of the whole coastline.

The trip could be done in a day, but that would miss the whole point of the Pacific Coast Highway. It is there to be enjoyed and anyway, there are so many fascinating places to visit along the way. So stretch the journey out to at least three days and you will have an amazing experience.


Rest stop list

On your list, you must include Monterey, the Monterey Bay Aquarium is just one of the fascinating delights. Nearby, Carmel-by-the-Sea is packed full artisan shops selling all sorts of things you didn’t know you needed.

 You might at any time have your views compromised by the infamous coastal fog at the Julia Pfeiffer State Park

mcway falls Don't miss your chance to see the McWay Falls

The Julia Pfeiffer State Park is the home to an incredible waterfall, which cascades from the cliffs and onto the beach. 

You might at any time have your views compromised by the infamous coastal fog. Often when the fog clears you will see the most spectacular beaches, which are a challenge to reach sometimes.

We might even recommend that you take a diversion from, Route 1 to Route 101 towards Santa Barbara, to sample of the fruits of the Santa Ynez Valley vineyards. Santa Barbara itself is something of a distraction, but always an interesting one.

We guarantee that you will never regret a decision to go for a drive on one of the world’s most spectacular highways.


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